Intermediate frequency furnace power and frequency

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-11
Intermediate frequency furnace and power frequency technology, how to adjust an intermediate frequency furnace frequency answer: one of two ways: 1, the circuit board; 2, change the number of compensation capacitor. Intermediate frequency furnace and the different intermediate frequency furnace power and frequency of the high frequency furnace a: 【 The difference between the intermediate frequency furnace and high frequency furnace. Induction furnace according to the use of the frequency of the alternating current can be divided into: power frequency electric furnace, intermediate frequency electric furnace and high frequency electric furnace 3 kinds. The difference between the intermediate frequency furnace and high frequency furnace is: 1, the frequency of the alternating current (ac) used different: medium frequency furnace is a kind of will power frequency 50 hz alternating current into intermediate frequency ( More than 300 hz - 10000 hz) The power of the device; High frequency furnace. Would you please tell me why engineer intermediate frequency furnace, induction heating end effect, take the power of intermediate frequency furnace and frequency answer: this is determined by the principle of induction heating, because of the influence of induction heating efficiency is as follows: 1, the greater the radius of workpiece, the greater the quality, the more you will need to be heated to the required temperature heat, the greater the power of power supply is needed. Part 2, the material properties are mainly resistivity, same size, different material of workpiece, the higher the electrical resistivity, the faster the heating; 3, the more often. Industrial heat treatment of intermediate frequency furnace and high frequency furnace what difference principle? A: medium frequency furnace and high frequency furnace are classified according to the frequency of power supply for: more than 10000 hz is the high frequency furnace; Between 150 ~ 10000 hz is the intermediate frequency furnace, 50 ~ 60 hz power frequency furnace. The higher the frequency, the lower the heating capacity, the diameter of the material and the greater the ratio of heating depth H D, the thermal efficiency is lower, then the higher the frequency, strengthen skin effect, the material surface temperature is high. Whether change the scanning frequency of intermediate frequency furnace can change in the intermediate frequency furnace copper ring a: medium frequency heating and other high frequency heating is different, its working frequency is by the spiral induction coil and periphery the stove and ( Or, series connection) Since the harmonic resonance capacitance on induction coil. Coil number of turns and the capacity of the resonant capacitor determines the operating frequency. 'Frequency adjustment circuit can only control on control panel' it 'frequency, the frequency of' it '. What kind of job intermediate frequency electric furnace with high efficiency a: intermediate frequency electric furnace is a kind of will power frequency 50 hz alternating current into intermediate frequency ( More than 300 hz - 10000 hz) Power supply device is controlled by frequency conversion device, furnace, furnace before such a few parts. Chinese intermediate frequency electric furnace equipment principle of three-phase power frequency alternating current into direct current advantage after rectifying element layout reasonable coordination, easy maintenance features low temperature around the stove. Why it excitation frequency on the intermediate frequency furnace control board than tank circuit frequency answer: because the simple panel separately excited frequency higher than 15 - slot way 2 times to scan frequency and started. Why say frequency low intermediate frequency furnace heating depth is deep and Curie temperature is in the charge of intermediate frequency furnace and power frequency a. Curie temperature before the current effect is obvious, heating quickly, but current remain unchanged after the Curie temperature, but the magnetic effects of artifacts on decline dramatically, as the effect of heating temperature is not obvious. At this point to obvious effects, have to improve the frequency. Intermediate frequency furnace to the capacitance have string and capacitance ark, how to determine slot way frequency answer: because the intermediate frequency furnace work will produce higher harmonic interference, because of the existence of harmonic voltage waveform distortion, increase the peak voltage, a serrated wave spire. Spire wave voltage induced by partial discharge in the medium, and also because of voltage change rate quickly, caused by partial discharge intensity is bigger also, this will for capacitor dielectric aging of acceleration, eventually. Intermediate frequency electric furnace frequency locking is not what's the reason? A: you should ask more clearly: 1 intermediate frequency furnace work is normal, only frequency fluctuating model; 2 frequency table kept swinging up and down, Scan) , intermediate frequency furnace can't normal boot. Belong to the former, check the instrument related wiring and terminals. The latter case is to check whether there is problem intermediate frequency power source or load. Intermediate frequency furnace and power frequency technical data medium frequency furnace abnormal problems of intermediate frequency furnace and power frequency answer: capacitor frequency will decrease too much. Sensor number of turns frequency would also reduce too much. At present commonly used on the industry of current frequency has the following three types: high frequency induction heating a: 1 medium frequency heating power calculation P = ( C T××G) Present ( 024×S×η) 11 c = material specific heat (intermediate frequency furnace annotation: 千卡/公斤℃) 12 g = workpiece weight ( kg) 13 t = Heating temperature Heating ( ℃) 14 t = time ( S) 15 eta = heating efficiency ( 6) 2, intermediate frequency furnace quenching power calculation P = ( 15 - 25) X S21S = workpiece quenching. Intermediate frequency furnace increase the capacitance in the parallel resonant circuit, the frequency will be how to change a: decrease of frequency, the waveform is constant. 。
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