Intermediate frequency furnace oven temperature of the oven

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-10
Intermediate frequency furnace oven oven temperature technology encyclopedia how 15 tons of intermediate frequency electric stove oven intermediate frequency furnace oven oven temperature a: burn oven is divided into carbon oven, gas stove, electric stove and microwave stove and solar oven. Use in the home, can use electricity to burn oven and microwave oven. Can be used in the outdoor carbon oven, gas stove, solar stove. Burn oven is a kind of barbecue equipment, can be used to make shish kebab, barbecue, etc. Burn oven is divided into three kinds, carbon oven, gas. How intermediate frequency induction furnace oven answer: some burn oven of a very high level of automatic exhaust system, sucking flue gas into the atmosphere, and will return to the bag after the flue gas temperature and condensation, but very expensive, you can go online to see, please. Intermediate frequency furnace maintenance of common sense a: intermediate frequency furnace oven oven temperature oven for dry type furnace, furnace of steel is not out. When the oven must be based on the principle of add sauce and infill, avoiding local flint and melt the tank, make the dry material to collapse. So try to save a few small in front of the oven. At the same time in the process of heating up to strictly observe the steel case, when a dozen arc serious should reduce current, if the current in the lead. Why wear in medium frequency furnace? Build furnace, furnace charge no problem SOS a: wear refers to the furnace furnace hot metal, refractory material, mainly through the quartz sand, furnace wall, connected to the induction coil and even 'run', then intermediate frequency equipment sure protection tripping, serious when may cause an accident. Intermediate frequency furnace with the most afraid of containing impurities of quartz sand, especially iron, the other furnace building process is also very important, at least with a vibrator tamping, built when wet to dry. Neutral medium frequency furnace lining with what material, Scrap steel or cast iron) The oven? Answer: medium frequency furnace oven oven temperature is commonly alumina ( Corundum) Lining; Also has more special, dry ramming material for alumina gel adhesive, by a certain ratio of the particle size, corundum, magnesia and spinel mixed powder of lining material; Material is characterized by high melting point; After sintering pressure is higher; Sintering layer, hardening layer is formed after sintering, loose bed; Sintering temperature is higher, 1650℃) ; Faults. Intermediate frequency furnace burden formula answer: the simple formula is high bauxite with sodium silicate. The oven is the key. Excuse me, where is the shenzhen longhua have do better high temperature industrial furnace with high intermediate frequency furnace oven oven temperature a: dongguan has a factory specialize in manufacturing industrial oven, oven, they have 11 years of production and operation. Buy from them in our factory, quality and price are really. Recommend you to go, and baidu yu heat energy.
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