Intermediate frequency furnace operating parameters

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-04
Technology of medium frequency furnace operating parameters an induction heating current frequency power of intermediate frequency furnace heating time parameter calculation answer: 1 medium frequency heating power calculation P = ( C T××G) Present ( 024×S×η) 11 c = material specific heat (intermediate frequency furnace annotation: 千卡/公斤℃) 12 g = workpiece weight ( kg) 13 t = Heating temperature Heating ( ℃) 14 t = time ( S) 15 eta = heating efficiency ( 6) 2, intermediate frequency furnace quenching power calculation P = ( 15 - 25) X S21S = workpiece quenching. Configuration parameters of intermediate frequency furnace filter, you know what a: believe everybody knows in the production of intermediate frequency furnace temperature is very high, in the process of the general filter bag is giving such a high temperature, high temperature flue gas dust we have a special response and material. The configuration parameters of intermediate frequency furnace filter do you know what? Follow the below small make up look at the entire configuration parameters, in order to facilitate the users. Is not the same as the thyristor medium frequency furnace parameters influence to start? Intermediate frequency furnace operation parameters answer: depends on what parameters are different. KK the influence of the parameters of the medium frequency furnace startup is shut off time. Generally not too big not influence. Medium frequency power supply output power how to return a responsibility after the start a: medium frequency power supply failure equipment parts processing equipment working properly it will only be in good condition, power, equipment parameters adjustment improper influence power of equipment, power couldn't get on the main reasons are: 1, not adjusted the rectifier part, rectifier dc voltage is not up to conducting rating not completely affect power output; 2 improper adjustment to make, closure pressure values. A: 5 tons of intermediate frequency furnace water cooling system cooling water system parameters: the feed water pressure or less 5-03 mpa water temperature 35 ℃ cooling water outlet temperature of 55 ℃ or less consumption of 50 t/h water cooling system of water-cooling system points inside and outside two internal circulation loop system including type radiator stainless steel water tank stainless steel stainless steel stainless steel pipeline pump valve is mainly used for power supply cooling condenser copper platoon, the system set on the tank. 300 kg 250 kw intermediate frequency furnace melting one furnace steel long answer: use our company's production of intermediate frequency furnace, a furnace can be up to 50 minutes. If need be, can go to the ningbo shekinah electric company's web page to have a look. I hope it can help you.
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