Intermediate frequency furnace off material

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-12
Intermediate frequency furnace off material for technical maintenance of the common sense answer: an intermediate frequency furnace oven for dry type furnace, furnace of steel is not out. When the oven must be based on the principle of add sauce and infill, avoiding local flint and melt the tank, make the dry material to collapse. So try to save a few small in front of the oven. At the same time in the process of heating up to strictly observe the steel case, when a dozen arc serious should reduce current, if the current in the lead. What is a stainless steel medium frequency furnace charge? A: is a kind of stainless steel material processing technology. Intermediate frequency furnace of stainless steel material whether processing also is bad for the steel strip surface quality is poor, of course the price also is relatively cheap, for example in the process of the intermediate frequency furnace charge rolling processing is relatively easy to appear problem may produce waste is more, the quality of machined out of the pan is almost. There are relatively. Intermediate frequency furnace dry material what's composition, what to do by a: quartz sand, furnace do boric acid or boron anhydride, boron anhydride as well. I saw them playing the furnace, smoke splash choke dead, had better not play. The influence factors of low intermediate frequency furnace ramming material furnace life what answer: alkaline lining: mainly used for melting all kinds of high alloy steel, carbon steel, high manganese steel, high chromium steel, tool steel, stainless steel and other alloy steel. Acid lining: mainly used for melting, heat preservation of the cast iron work of coreless induction furnace lining. What are the requirements for raw materials intermediate frequency furnace smelting medium frequency furnace off material causes a: intermediate frequency furnace smelting with raw materials including steel, iron alloy, intermediate alloy, pure metal, special additive and slagging materials. As a result of the intermediate frequency furnace refining capacity is limited, small process flexibility, smelting quality requirements higher, make its demand for raw materials strict than electric arc furnace. Choose the qualified raw materials for the metallurgy quality control of intermediate frequency furnace is very important. Why after high temperature medium frequency furnace lining materials with a yellow crystal? A: why intermediate frequency furnace lining material after high temperature with a yellow crystal?  Let me share a WeChat scan report sina weibo, QQ space browse below 1 can select one or more keywords, the search related information. Can also be used. Power for medium frequency furnace is what reason is caused? Answer: if can reach intermediate frequency voltage rating, the current is very small, it is too light load, furnace for melting material space, can appropriate oxygen rapid formation of molten pool, power can go up in a few minutes; Low voltage large current, and that there is a short circuit, check the insulation of the furnace body with and without damage, KK is damaged. Rinse in medium frequency furnace bottom out what's going on medium frequency furnace is expected to cause a: there are two reasons for that are for reference only: 1 when the furnace building, you may not have furnace bottom ramming; 2 in the process of smelting, failing to dao, caused the tent material, makes the lower part of furnace molten steel overheating, lead to corrosion furnace. Intermediate frequency electric stove do many hours playing is expected to coax a: hello friend intermediate frequency electric furnace dry play material to dry for at least 5 hours, you want to look at this level, pay attention to look at. Intermediate frequency furnace lining material answer: I recommend xiangtan and xin sheng, a good factory. Intermediate frequency furnace off material for technical data of intermediate frequency furnace service life of the intermediate frequency furnace off material causes a: in addition to the requirements of the physical and chemical indicators, the burden coefficient of expansion as small as possible, in order to avoid the use of expansion of crack due to repeated temperature difference effect, affecting the service life of crucible. According to the equipment models, melting materials of ph and melting temperature control to determine. At present, the domestic intermediate frequency furnace crucible of masonry materials with quartz sand and high alumina materials. Suitable for the high alumina material 500 kg. Why wear in medium frequency furnace? Build furnace, furnace charge no problem out SOS intermediate frequency furnace material causes a: wear the furnace is referring to the furnace hot metal, refractory material, mainly through the quartz sand, furnace wall, connected to the induction coil and even 'run', then intermediate frequency equipment sure protection tripping, serious when may cause an accident. Intermediate frequency furnace with the most afraid of containing impurities of quartz sand, especially iron, the other furnace building process is also very important, at least with a vibrator tamping, built when wet to dry. How to increase the speed of change is expected to answer: medium frequency furnace which steel mills, are you need a talent in this field, I can be in baidu hi. Intermediate frequency furnace charging 'bypass' how to deal with? A: crane lifting a heavy iron. I think they just do that. Then there is school and see if it is the power of the furnace is too more power make the iron melting bridge is falling down as soon as possible. Intermediate frequency electric furnace before use should be detection electric circuit are in good condition, whether the element damage, the contact point is loosening and release, if have the above situation occurs should eliminate faults in rear can use. Check intermediate frequency electric furnace water, water temperature, water quality, should meet the requirements of the device, the water temperature + 5 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃, the water pressure is 10 kg/cm2 ~ 20 kg/cm2. Intermediate frequency furnace bottom side molten iron, can enter the furnace burden problem or ask intermediate frequency furnace material cause of answer: burden or construction problems, burden or refractoriness strength is not up to standard will appear this kind of circumstance, the construction process of furnace bottom and furnace wall corner no real will appear this kind of circumstance, estimate the burden of the problem more.
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