Intermediate frequency furnace medium frequency high voltage direct current (dc) down

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-04
Intermediate frequency furnace dc low frequency voltage dc voltage in high technology, an intermediate frequency furnace when feeding dc voltage instability is too high, intermediate frequency electric medium frequency furnace high frequency voltage direct current (dc) down a: add too much material or slow speed. What are the common faults intermediate frequency furnace? Answer: 1, the startup system without any reaction (1) rectifier board failure; (2) over current, over voltage protection action; (3) the main switch is not together; (4) control tuning work potentiometer damage or break; (5) rectifier control power supply part of the bad. 2, only dc voltmeter has instructions, other no reaction (1) inverter board and inverter circuit fault; (2) the inverter power supply failure. No 22 v inverter pulse power supply. Note:. Intermediate frequency furnace after startup without intermediate frequency voltage dc voltage? A: check whether rectifier circuit voltage above normal. Insurance for damage? Check whether the rectifier thyristor is damaged. The control circuit is normal. The panel light is normal. Current is too large, medium frequency furnace, dc voltage,? Seek answer: first disconnect inverter circuit, after closing up to see if I can make it to the dc voltage up to 500 v, such as dc part can be up to 500 v circuit is normal, not given up to 500 v power rectifier silicon. Check the inverter circuit, the KK tube is normal, water cooling capacitor have leakage or internal short circuit, separate groups. Watching a frequency table is normal, or use. The intermediate frequency power and the intermediate frequency dc voltage, dc current relationship? Answer: the medium frequency power is the power of the inverter output measurement is load ( The intermediate frequency quenching furnace, if there is one output transformer, including loss power output transformer) Power. Dc voltage multiplied by the dc current, calculate the dc power. Dc power in addition to containing intermediate frequency power, but also contains the filter element ( Reactor or dc filter inductor) And inverter. After the medium frequency furnace melting materials, why down a: intermediate frequency voltage, dc voltage is constant power furnace, furnace charge after the Curie point the melting temperature, hysteresis effect disappeared, temperature resistance increases, the eddy current reduced, induction coil, and the mutual inductance are also decreases, and the total impedance load increases, the dc current must be reduced, that's right. But if constant power furnace, intermediate frequency voltage should not be reduced, because have the effect of the main resistance regulator. Intermediate frequency furnace ac change dc to ac voltage is? A: yes. The working principle of intermediate frequency power supply for: the three-phase bridge type all control the ac rectifier for dc rectifier circuit, after the flat wave reactor, became a constant dc current source, to the single phase inverter bridge, the dc current inverter with a certain frequency ( General is 1000 - 8000Hz) The single-phase medium frequency current. Medium frequency furnace has dc voltage no intermediate frequency voltage is what reason? Answer: the failure analysis and treatment: the failure phenomenon does not belong to the intermediate frequency power supply failure, but because of the load impedance is too low to cause, should readjust to load impedance. 1) In the circuit of pressure load, due to the damage to dismantle series compensation capacitor, not replace, or blindly pursue high power and increase compensation capacitor unchecked, load compensation amount. Dc voltage instability, intermediate frequency furnace reactor sound high frequency voltage direct current (dc) down a: big medium frequency furnace reactor loudly, because too much current ripple component in the reactor, dc voltage regulator is controlled thyristor there are questions, which may be of the thyristor bridge arm not work or not is controlled. Intermediate frequency furnace with dc voltage without current answer: impossible without dc current, unless the current meter is broken, there was something wrong with furthermore voltage divider, reactor have voice: there must be an electric current passes through. To replace the SCR. Intermediate frequency furnace dc low frequency high voltage technology information medium frequency furnace what are the common faults intermediate frequency furnace high frequency voltage direct current (dc) down a: most of the use of the fault is caused by the temperature, such as cooling water heat exchanger, common stove initial failure such as fault, if your stove drag chain including line fault. General startup fails is just a dc voltmeter pointer action will fall. If there is a beta foot imbalances are generally intermediate frequency under the condition of current voltage rise or fall sharply. Dc voltage rises up to answer: why intermediate frequency furnace 1 view the SCR have bad. 2 check control circuit. Intermediate frequency furnace when up to 1300 v dc current flow through a circuit breaker is going on intermediate frequency furnace dc low frequency high voltage answer: according to your description, dc voltage 500 v, intermediate frequency voltage 650 v, you this equipment should belong to medium frequency power supply of 380 v into line. As for you said the current up to 1300 v ( The actual should be 1300 a) Jump circuit breaker, the possible problems in the circuit breaker itself, attention should be paid to the same current level of circuit breaker, factory setting current may be different, according to the current 1300 a your device. Intermediate frequency furnace not connected induction coil boot with direct current, no dc voltage intermediate frequency furnace dc low frequency high voltage a: hello, conditions, electricity (1 Circuit, power supply will generate electricity often) 2, have free movement of charged particles. ( Circuit, also need to be closed circuit. ) A standard scale.
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