Intermediate frequency furnace manufacturer in chongqing The idea of capacitance compensation reactive power load

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-02
Heng Yang chongqing intermediate frequency furnace manufacturer specifically for use in medium frequency coreless induction furnace melting proposal, and also clearly put forward using the idea of power capacitor to compensate reactive power load. Has developed a kind of industrial production using high frequency induction heating equipment. Since then, a communication because of the lack of a suitable motor generator set and the volume is enough large, characteristic of the electric power capacitor, so there are stagnant in induction heating medium frequency melting furnace using the development trend of the previous level. Since then, a lot of various types of induction heating equipment for the steady development trend. In addition, also know to the induction heating method for forged and metal material welding parts of heating is also available. Chongqing medium frequency melting furnace, further shows the development trend of induction heating method has the following advantages; Has the very deep heating and heating area, without external heat digging, so the heat loss is low, the office environment clean} Heated objects don't need to touch with sensors and facilitate complete power gathered, so short heating time I ideally suitable for the comprehensive performance of elements described garlic street processing process automation technology. Medium frequency melting furnace manufacturer - - maintain high vacuum value of medium frequency melting furnace production manufacturer Reduce loss medium frequency furnace melting furnace working frequency selection of intermediate frequency furnace precautions to avoid emergency before with traditional flame heating medium frequency melting furnace and small medium frequency melting furnace, melting method Vacuum - efficient to sundry medium frequency melting furnace production manufacturer Order a cure-all
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