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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-08
Intermediate frequency furnace lining method a: measurement? The thickness? Crack width. New intermediate frequency electric furnace lining, and improve the power flow lining 6 a: what's the matter with intermediate frequency furnace lining baked, too wet, induction coil, caused by short circuit directly, don't rise too high voltage. Intermediate frequency electric furnace lining material have? What proportion? Good intention person to help me medium frequency furnace lining 6 a: carbon steel with boric acid, quartz sand. Stainless steel with magnesia, boric acid, general neutral bauxite. You can add a small amount of sodium silicate. Friends: I'm in medium frequency furnace lining materials, excuse me how to make a: dry lining materials are composed of gradation of quartz sand and additive. All kinds of furnace, smelting steel grade is different, the furnace size, formula is different also. Can seek advice in detail gongyi city north Alfred chuang in the high temperature furnace material factory. How to improve the medium frequency furnace lining life intermediate frequency furnace lining 6 a: first of all, according to the furnace size, smelting steel, melting temperature of the steel temperature selecting rational lining material, and then play furnace process specification, baking oven must be good. Finally, in use process pay attention to protect the stove lining, proper repair. Lining life is bound to improve. The service life of furnace lining has a variety of factors. Intermediate frequency electric furnace lining the thicker the efficiency on a low intermediate frequency furnace lining 6 a: different capacity of the furnace lining thickness is different, the same capacity of the furnace, furnace lining the thicker the theory is the lower the efficiency. What time to play the intermediate frequency furnace lining, are there any abnormal on instrument answer: can be judged from the stove to save water, if the amount is too large or current meter is not stable, the local or has leakage, or the furnace lining erosion, furnace must pay special attention to in time, never dry adventure. Intermediate frequency furnace smelting aluminum alloy with what lining? Answer: lining made of brick masonry, because each part lined with different working conditions, the refractory material and performance is also different. Such as the upper lining main consideration in shaft wear-resisting, furnace body and the furnace waist mainly considering thermal shock damage and alkali erosion, bosh main consideration at the beginning of high FeO slag erosion, hearth, main consideration molten iron mechanical erosion resistance of furnace bottom and refractory. Intermediate frequency furnace lining refractories expansion coefficient is very big, how should be handled/a: intermediate frequency furnace lining refractories expansion coefficient is very big, how should be handled /. With what what medium frequency furnace lining material, 304 stainless steel line shrinkage answer: medium frequency furnace lining according to the types of steel smelting choice, stainless steel material generally choose neuter MA - 75, tianjin united mining, xiangfan cohesion are good; In the 20-304 100 degrees in the environment thermal expansion rate is 173. Intermediate frequency furnace lining of 6 technical information how to play the furnace can effectively improve the service life of the intermediate frequency furnace lining answer: not how to play, play furnace materials of good quality don't have metal impurity. Lifespan is still on the temperature and time can't long time operation, thermal insulation and overtemperature,. Intermediate frequency furnace lining and water-cooled cables should be through intermediate frequency furnace lining 6 a: shouldn't conduction, the worst situation is to find the reasons of lining you use time is too long, very thin, so quick touch induction coil; To see whether pulling on the induction coil or foreign bodies. Suggest you find out the reasons in the running. Too much current of intermediate frequency furnace lining caused by wear furnace? Answer: lining has a certain influence. Intermediate frequency furnace cast stainless steel, carbon steel lining intermediate frequency furnace lining 6 a: what kind of material do with alkaline lining. Alkaline lining the main products are magnesia, magnesium, chromium, chromium magnesia, magnesium olivine based, magnesium, aluminum, dolomite and limestone, refractory materials, etc. Magnesite, dolomite and limestone is a strongly basic refractories, magnesium, chromium, chromium MeiZhi, magnesium olivine based and magnesium aluminum weakly basic refractories. Is characterized by high refractoriness, resistance to alkali. Intermediate frequency furnace hot galvanizing slag smelting with what lining intermediate frequency furnace lining 6 a: highly refined, sand, water, sodium silicate. The proportion of water and sodium silicate 3/2. The importance of intermediate frequency furnace lining knot in 2013 and its key links have? Knot of intermediate frequency furnace lining 6 a: lining quality directly affects the service life of furnace lining, furnace lining the knot of the stand or fall of quality, the key is: in the proper selection of material, ratio of particles, additives, choice and use of bond number, before the knot tie preparation and operation. Cast iron and cast steel, the furnace of how to play, ask: medium frequency furnace lining ( Intermediate frequency furnace lining 6 a: directly by the tianjin al ore forming products. Whether intermediate frequency furnace for hot metal for lining damage a: a third of the molten iron too much normally depends on how you are furnace heat quenching will have an impact on the life of the furnace try not to leave too much hot.
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