Intermediate frequency furnace is the induction furnace

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-10
Intermediate frequency furnace is a induction furnace technology an intermediate frequency furnace and electroslag remelting is the difference between the intermediate frequency furnace induction furnace? Answer: medium frequency furnace is induction heating, electroslag remelting is resistive heating. Yu Taozao alloy material is commonly used in the former, the latter is used for refining steel, more can be done dozens of tons of electroslag furnace, intermediate frequency furnace generally don't have that much, rarely more than 10 tons of intermediate frequency furnace. Coreless mains frequency induction furnace belongs to national elimination equipment? A: a chemical composition adjustment is not easy. ZGMn13Cr2MoVTi afraid of a steel grade, such as smelting in medium frequency furnace smelting, is more difficult. When all molten steel, sampling to do during the test, high temperature molten steel to the harm of lining is larger, that is to say, the test time is very short, and test after adjusting chemical composition is not easy. The second is the limited capacity of intermediate frequency furnace. Almost. Working principle of the principle of intermediate frequency furnace answer: medium frequency induction furnace, PS series power supply adopt ac - Dc - Ac frequency conversion way, by a ( Or two) Three-phase bridge rectifier three-phase alternating current into direct current, and then by a single-phase bridge inverter dc into intermediate frequency alternating current (ac), and intermediate frequency ac induction coil, when passing a medium frequency induction coil produces alternating alternating current (ac). Intermediate frequency furnace and medium frequency induction furnace as? Answer: different, intermediate frequency furnace is refers to the frequency of intermediate frequency, medium frequency induction furnace is refers to the medium frequency induction furnace, is one of the intermediate frequency furnace. What is the principle of intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking? A: medium frequency furnace is a kind of will power frequency 50 hz alternating current into intermediate frequency ( More than 300 hz - 10000 hz) And induction coil, power supply units, deserve to go up. Intermediate frequency electric furnace expert introduction advantage and development of the intermediate frequency induction furnace answer: intermediate frequency electric furnace expert introduction advantage and development of the intermediate frequency induction furnace release date: 2010 - 12 - 12 | click: 14 at present, the medium frequency power supply and medium frequency induction furnace, holding furnace, heat treatment furnace, such as metal smelting production equipment, because of its easy to transform smelting smelting quality varieties, easy to control, simple operation is flexible and large power density, melting speed, the thermal efficiency. Lighter medium frequency furnace problem a: 1 medium frequency furnace, if light is capacitance may be a copper platoon line loose, capacitor terminal touch water be affected with damp be affected with damp, if furnace of flint, due to leakage magnetic field is very large, medium frequency furnace caused by nearby conductor, with a strong potential, an induction of induction electric potential difference between different conductor, when a moving conductor short-circuit potential difference, while lighter phenomenon, or when the different electricity. Intermediate frequency furnace installation requirements answer: user, please first provide the scene graph and the scene of some of the requirements or the technical parameters, designed by experts detailed on-site installation plan; Equipment for basic requirements: the flat cement ground, without a fixed or slightly fixed; Equipment should be placed on ventilation, shade, outdoor shade; User is responsible for the installation of materials and the need of civil engineering and the necessary tools, I. Medium frequency induction coil, furnace why always shooting? A: medium frequency induction coil, furnace firing is generally induction coil, induction coil insulation bad spark breakdown or interturn with sundry ( Steel slag iron filings, etc. ) , or is getting too close to the copper pipe deformation, induction coil, induction coil, if so had better look after renovation, reoccupy refractory cement both inside and outside the coil with a layer, protect the coil, dry solid after the furnace building. The induction coil. Intermediate frequency furnace and induction cooker heating principle? Intermediate frequency furnace is induction furnace? Answer: 1, intermediate frequency furnace is mainly composed of induction coil, induction coil, power supply, and made of refractory material in the crucible. Within the crucible containing metal furnace charge, equal to each winding transformer, induction coil, when on ac power, to produce alternating magnetic field in the induction coil, the magnetic force line in the crucible furnace charge, metal is produced in the furnace charge induction electromotive force, formed due to charge itself. Intermediate frequency furnace is induction furnace for medium frequency melting furnace technical data a: how big is the induction coil voltage intermediate frequency induction furnace, Hereinafter referred to as the intermediate frequency furnace) The working frequency of between 50 ~ 10 hz, widely used in non-ferrous metal and black metal smelting. Compared with other casting equipment, intermediate frequency induction furnace has a high thermal efficiency, short smelting time, alloy elements burning less pollution to the environment, melting material widely, filial piety can precisely control the temperature of the liquid metal and composition, etc. Intermediate frequency furnace model, GGW is what mean? Intermediate frequency furnace is induction furnace? A: GGW you only answered a G and a W, is there a G represents what mean? Let me tell you the truth. Another G means of high pressure, if the model is GW low pressure. High pressure of intermediate frequency furnace is generally used to make steel, common cast iron with low pressure. Intermediate frequency furnace sensor is how to design and calculation of intermediate frequency furnace induction furnace? A: known conditions need to be melting or heating smelting capacity power heating material shape sizes can't calculate speed not known conditions. Intermediate frequency furnace manufacturer what answer: Shanghai new research industrial equipment co. , LTD. , Shanghai new research industrial equipment co. , LTD is invested by HaiDing on letter ( Group) Co. , LTD, invested and controlled by a collection of r &d, production, sales in the integration of medium frequency induction furnace and the induction heating equipment manufacturing enterprises. Address: 1015 new rivers sand road baoshan district of Shanghai.
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