Intermediate frequency furnace ironmaking materials

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-27
Intermediate frequency furnace ironmaking materials can use the intermediate frequency furnace ironmaking technology an iron slag? Answer: can be added to the molten iron, but cannot be used in the furnace. Blast furnace ironmaking production Angle channel steel with medium frequency furnace? 吗? Intermediate frequency furnace ironmaking materials answer: in iron casting production, smelting equipment can use the intermediate frequency electric furnace smelting. The scope of the intermediate frequency electric furnace smelting metal alloy more widely. Just, in the molten metal alloy of the intermediate frequency electric furnace and blast furnace should consider above the ratio of performance to price, Price) Which is higher. If conditions can still suggests that intermediate frequency furnace. Production of better working conditions. Intermediate frequency furnace with acidic slag material mean? Answer: the acidic slag materials mainly is primarily silica and ordinary building broken glass. Silica silica commonly known as quartz sand, the main ingredients, is of great importance in acidic crucible smelting slag making materials. Containing silicon dioxide mass fraction is greater than or equal to 90% of silica, can be used as slag making materials. The main mineral composition of ordinary architectural glass was: sodium and potassium glass these two kinds of glass broken. AOD furnace and intermediate frequency furnace what is the difference between the answer: the difference between AOD furnace and medium frequency furnace is cross section is round of ironmaking blast furnace shaft furnace with steel furnace shell, shell and build by laying bricks or stones in the refractory lining of blast furnace body from top to bottom is divided into furnace throat, furnace body, furnace waist, bosh, blast furnace hearth part 5 refers to the main products are pig iron converter furnace rotating, used for blowing converter furnace steelmaking or converting matte metallurgical furnace with steel plate, a round. Intermediate frequency furnace which used refractory answer: medium frequency furnace refractory is also called the intermediate frequency furnace lining material, intermediate frequency furnace dry vibration knot, intermediate frequency furnace material, intermediate frequency furnace ramming material, acidic, neutral and alkaline refractory, acid refractory with high purity quartz, fused silica as the main raw material, sintering agent by the composite additive; Neutral in alumina, alumina refractory materials as the main raw material, compound added. Increase the speed of intermediate frequency furnace smelting method to have? A: increase the speed of intermediate frequency furnace smelting, the method of intermediate frequency furnace smelting quality selection of steel raw materials. When steel smelting should choose high quality raw materials, As far As possible not only S and P content in the steel scrap is lower, and other harmful elements should strictly control the As, Sn, Pb and Cu etc. Scrap steel should be used as much as possible good scrap ( It is best to each group to return to the material) Or high quality cast iron. Medium frequency induction smelting process of cast iron, who knows, can you give me a: explain the intermediate frequency furnace ironmaking materials this Internet information, there are a lot of, or to 'divine power LuWang' query. Smelter using the intermediate frequency electric furnace ironmaking, harmonic is very big, how to handle a: intermediate frequency furnace installation filter inductor, again is how the stove. Intermediate frequency furnace in ironmaking silting pot is going on a: heating principle of intermediate frequency furnace: induction coil through the alternating current, the alternating magnetic field, the alternating magnetic field on the inside of the heating element ( Molten iron) Alternating induction to produce alternating inductive electromotive force, resistance heating element itself to a certain extent, so have to form inductive current, also known as eddy current. Vortex is the cause of the current penetration, the lines of magnetic force is uneven distribution in the coil. Ask questions about the intermediate frequency furnace lining of intermediate frequency furnace ironmaking materials a: intermediate frequency furnace ironmaking general use siliceous dry ramming material, if use neutral lining is also possible. But one is the price, the other is a sintering. Neutral materials sintering temperature is high, and formation of the sintered layer will be slightly lower viscosity, bad for low temperature furnace. Intermediate frequency furnace ironmaking after the material technical data medium frequency furnace melting, why down a: intermediate frequency voltage, dc voltage is constant power furnace, furnace charge after the Curie point the melting temperature, hysteresis effect disappeared, temperature resistance increases, the eddy current reduced, induction coil, and the mutual inductance are also decreases, and the total impedance load increases, the dc current must be reduced, that's right. But if constant power furnace, intermediate frequency voltage should not be reduced, because have the effect of the main resistance regulator. A: why did you choose aluminum alloy medium frequency furnace shell material medium frequency furnace is to make the furnace shell using aluminum alloy materials, mainly aluminum alloy not fever in the electromagnetic environment. Intermediate frequency furnace shell can be made of austenitic stainless steel to austenitic stainless steel is also won't fever in the electromagnetic environment. If it is made by the other to magnetic materials to intermediate frequency furnace shell, in medium frequency furnace work. Molten aluminium or electricity the aluminum smelting furnace, intermediate frequency furnace can produce how much gas a: gas associated with the composition of your material.
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