Intermediate frequency furnace ironmaking alloy

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-09
Intermediate frequency furnace can iron alloy with intermediate frequency furnace ironmaking technology an iron slag? Intermediate frequency furnace can iron alloy, please answer: can be added to the molten iron, but cannot be used in the furnace. Intermediate frequency furnace in ironmaking silting pot is going on a: heating principle of intermediate frequency furnace: induction coil through the alternating current, the alternating magnetic field, the alternating magnetic field on the inside of the heating element ( Molten iron) Alternating induction to produce alternating inductive electromotive force, resistance heating element itself to a certain extent, so have to form inductive current, also known as eddy current. Vortex is the cause of the current penetration, the lines of magnetic force is uneven distribution in the coil. Two transformer to drive a medium frequency furnace ironmaking fast? A: two transformer, led a medium frequency furnace ironmaking, very fast. How do I call the intermediate frequency furnace slag clean answer: with the better quality deslagging agent. Two transformer to drive a medium frequency furnace than a: in a transformer to drive a 850 v, 900 v, the characteristics of medium frequency furnace transformer harmonic, no fever, energy conservation, environmental protection, prevent short circuit, overload resistance is strong, fast melting. Compared with the conventional with the capacity of transformer, smelting time shortened by about 20%, tons of power consumption by 80% or so, 950 v, 1000 v, 1050 v, 1100 v, 1250 v, 1500 v, and other 16 kinds. ( 1) Electrical performance stability: the product. Intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking can use a iron powder pellets can intermediate frequency furnace ironmaking alloy? A: not very understand what you said iron powder pellets was oxidized pellets or direct reduced iron ( Metal pellets) 。 The former, mainly with the blast furnace smelting for molten iron first, which can use the intermediate frequency furnace smelting. Originally scrap + direct reduced iron ( Metallized pellets) Is a respected burden structure. High frequency electric furnace iron consumption a how much electricity intermediate frequency electric stove a ton of how many degrees can iron alloy electric medium frequency furnace consumption? Answer: high frequency cannot be used as melting, only as a small workpiece heating, a great work hardening, master pieces of heating also use of intermediate frequency furnace, high frequency scale is a bit thick. Is the most common medium frequency furnace melting it at 580 degrees, refers to the cast iron, only refers to the power consumption of melting, heat preservation, slag and removed. Better is with high pressure, with 12 pulse, with steel shell.
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