Intermediate frequency furnace iron and steel scrap

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-11
Intermediate frequency furnace iron and steel scrap encyclopedia of foundry technology intermediate frequency electric furnace in melting molten iron, the exhaust fumes of intermediate frequency furnace iron and steel scrap a: this is also true to say, intermediate frequency furnace smelting mainly join scrap steel, foundry return, a small proportion of pig iron, pyrite, etc. , should see you join the burden composition and state: back to the furnace charge is generally need to undergo purification treatment. Steel scrap are more diverse, and the oil, iron filings, etc. , anything can appear, suggested that choose professional manufacturers through classification processing of scrap steel; Was born. Scrap iron harm a: DeTiaoGang hazard: small electric furnace smelting iron and steel scrap, iron and steel scrap as raw material, through the intermediate frequency furnace, induction furnace melting, cannot effectively ingredients in the production process and quality control of steel and as raw material of steel rolling is called 'DeTiaoGang'. According to this interpretation, 'DeTiaoGang' is based on iron and steel scrap as raw material, adopting induction furnace melting process, especially in. Scrap steel need what equipment, answer: scrap steel need equipment - Intermediate frequency electric furnace steelmaking - Small electric furnace steelmaking, ( In our country in liaoyang, plump, LeLing, taizhou, high efficiency) Medium frequency melting furnace - The main points of the intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking is introduced as follows: a, the task of smelting steel part of the main raw material is steel scrap and pig iron. Outsourcing in scrap steel rust, with mud and other dirt, intermediate frequency smelting steel. The difference between cast iron and cast steel medium frequency furnace maintenance of intermediate frequency furnace iron and steel scrap a: raw iron hard and brittle, lack of toughness, carbon content 211% 667% more iron carbon alloy and nonferrous impurities. Cast iron is more than 21% of the iron carbon carbon alloy, it is to cast iron ( Part of pig iron for steel making) To melt in the furnace, and adding ferroalloys, scrap steel, foundry return the components to adjust. With cast iron cast iron is the difference between secondary processing, processing into a mostly. What are commonly used in iron and steel scrap processing equipment a: commonly used scrap processing equipment mainly includes the iron and steel scrap shearing machine, hydraulic metal baler, crocodile type shears, metal scraps press block machine, etc. After 40 years of development, our country's scrap steel processing enterprise, its dismantling, processing equipment has a certain foundation, basically equipped with packaging block making machine, shearing machine, line cutting machine, crane, crane, crane, the trailer, etc. After high frequency furnace smelting steel plant of intermediate frequency furnace instead whether energy medium frequency furnace iron and steel scrap a: intermediate frequency furnace and high frequency furnace are should eliminate DeTiaoGang production equipment, is energy intensive, low quality slightly small iron and steel production facilities, production of steel with composition and performance are not controlled and great harm to the national economy and people's livelihood, state prohibited for the construction and operation of such facilities. In energy consumption, high frequency power consumption is lower than the medium frequency furnace melting scrap the furnace. Why do companies eliminate intermediate frequency electric furnace KGPS400 - 1075 tons, KGPS5 intermediate frequency furnace iron and steel scrap answer: is a melting furnace, intermediate frequency furnace for steel ( Iron) Water 'purification', that is, no oxidation to the function of the impurities such as carbon, phosphorus, and no reduction deaeration, desulfurization, and other functions, only to alloying of steel after melting, simple and easy to precipitate DNA. Molten steel purity can't keep the unless a melted by refining furnace refining, but small furnace refining furnace (deserves Generally in 15 tons. Intermediate frequency electric furnace iron ingredient formula answer: 1, you must first master the pig iron and scrap steel, foundry return you need to control element in the process of content, such as; C, Si, Mn, S, P, Cr, Cu, Al, zinc, Pb, Ti, etc. , generally type pig iron and scrap steel by spectrometer, back to the furnace charge as a workshop of products should be able to determine the final composition. 2, according to the process of the furnace before the target for the first time. How to improve the quality of molten steel medium frequency furnace steelmaking? A: just a melting scrap steel, medium frequency furnace smelting process without oxygen, such as refining slagging agent means, so the intermediate frequency furnace molten steel under the influence of PZH steel material, improve the steel quality is mainly in the intermediate frequency furnace after a few steps behind, namely refining outside the furnace and the quality control of continuous casting mould. Medium frequency melting furnace hot metal need to join the additives a: medium frequency furnace is electricity as energy, to produce magnetic field induction coil, furnace lining will cast iron or steel scrap melting. Haven't done the cupola, slag limestone is used for? Intermediate frequency furnace, molten iron with only different brands such as grey iron 250 or 500 of ductile iron in proportion to join the cast iron scrap steel and carbon manganese silicon alloy melting. Hot metal temperature can reach 1500 ℃ above, before came into the slag agent. Medium frequency induction furnace iron and steel scrap technical information medium frequency furnace and the difference between the electric arc furnace, which make steel? The advantages and disadvantages? Intermediate frequency furnace iron and steel scrap answer: actually not steelmaking with medium frequency furnace, is to melt the steel, the impurities in the steel can't take out, can only rely on slag. This is a disadvantage. Advantage is that it turns out that some elements of the steel basic don't loss, can reduce the amount of valuable elements to add, reduce the cost.
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