Intermediate frequency furnace insulation design

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-14
Intermediate frequency furnace insulation design technology an intermediate frequency furnace, please the tons of a ton of steel consumption calculation when does it include casting medium frequency furnace insulation design answer: generally speaking intermediate frequency furnace tons of power consumption means only 1 furnace melt scrap steel or iron from a solid to liquid ( Iron is 1400 ℃, steel at 600 ℃) When the required power consumption, electricity of casting and heat preservation is not. The difference between the intermediate frequency furnace and electroslag remelting intermediate frequency furnace insulation design answer: is the induction heating medium frequency furnace, electroslag remelting is resistive heating. Yu Taozao alloy material is commonly used in the former, the latter is used for refining steel, more can be done dozens of tons of electroslag furnace, intermediate frequency furnace generally don't have that much, rarely more than 10 tons of intermediate frequency furnace. What is the difference between the electric arc furnace and intermediate frequency furnace answer: 1, the electric arc furnace, big volume are generally not more than 3 tons, have a certain scale of the enterprise to use the electric arc furnace, smelting steel is more pure. Intermediate frequency furnace: relative electric arc furnace steelmaking cost lower, suitable for small and medium enterprises, refining the steel material, high carbon steel coming out is not so pure. 2, electric arc furnace with electric power frequency; Intermediate frequency electric furnace used. What is the intermediate frequency furnace? Intermediate frequency furnace insulation design a: intermediate frequency furnace using 200 - 2500 hz medium frequency induction heating power supply, heat insulation, it is mainly used for smelting carbon steel, alloy steel, special steel, also can be used for copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal smelting and temperature equipment is small in size, light weight, high efficiency, less consumption, melting heat up fast, furnace temperature control, high production efficiency of medium frequency induction furnace hot water working principle of this furnace use power in a different way. Intermediate frequency furnace smelting metal lead is feasible, please answer: medium frequency furnace smelting is belong to the induction heating, as long as it is metal, the intermediate frequency furnace can produce inductive electromotive force, and hot melt. The melting point of lead is not high, the effect of intermediate frequency furnace smelting is pretty good. Hangzhou institute of revestment precision casting. Inductherm how many intermediate frequency furnace filter capacitor and only answer: how many resonant capacitance of medium frequency furnace filter capacitor and resonant capacitance is determined according to the power of the medium frequency furnace. For intermediate frequency furnace filter unit, several sets of successful operation of the equipment, voltage distortion rate, power factor are completely conform to the requirements of the assessment of power supply department. Medium frequency melting furnace, for example, when work is divided into three stages: heating temperature stage, the working current and high harmonic content. What the company needs to intermediate frequency furnace equipment intermediate frequency furnace insulation design a: precision casting, aluminum casting factory, induction heat treatment, foundry, medium frequency induction furnace, intermediate frequency furnace, intermediate frequency furnace. These I are divine radiation electric furnace in * * * * baidu website. 。 。 Intermediate frequency furnace cast iron H250, how O75 tons of electric furnace charging medium frequency furnace insulation design a: : medium frequency furnace is a kind of will power frequency 50 hz alternating current into intermediate frequency ( More than 300 hz - 1000 hz) Power supply device, the three-phase alternating current (ac) power frequency, after rectification into direct current, then laid adjustable intermediate frequency electric current, direct current supply by capacitance and induction coil in through the intermediate frequency alternating current, generate high density magnetic field lines in the induction coil, induction coil, and cutting. Intermediate frequency electric furnace expert introduces the advantages of medium frequency induction furnace and the development of intermediate frequency furnace insulation design a: intermediate frequency electric furnace expert introduction advantage and development of the intermediate frequency induction furnace release date: 2010 - 12 - 12 | click: 14 at present, the medium frequency power supply and medium frequency induction furnace, holding furnace, heat treatment furnace, such as metal smelting production equipment, because of its easy to transform smelting smelting quality varieties, easy to control, simple operation is flexible and large power density, melting speed, the thermal efficiency. In how to improve level of blast furnace ironmaking intermediate frequency furnace insulation design a: in today's rapid development of science and technology, the special casting forming technology advantage, some complicated structure there is no alternative to other manufacturing process. Casting process is still the most economical and convenient metal forming process. As the global economy. Intermediate frequency furnace insulation design technical information medium frequency furnace casting ingot insulation cap mouth contraction problem of intermediate frequency furnace design a: riser not heat preservation, sure this. Near the riser with insulation material. Steel pipe end annealing of intermediate frequency furnace is how to work? Intermediate frequency furnace insulation design a: heat the steel to a certain temperature and heat preservation for a period of time, and then make it slowly cooling, called annealing. Steel pipe annealing is a heat the steel to the phase change or part of the phase transition temperature, slow cooling after heat preservation heat treatment method. : the purpose of annealing is to eliminate defects, improve the organization make composition uniformity and fine grains, increase mechanical properties of the steel. Two casting medium frequency furnace, furnace, 5 tons, a transformer of 630, a: two furnace installed capacity of 75% of the total does not exceed 630 can have a try. Production of intermediate frequency furnace pipe pile head is excluded from the scope of DeTiaoGang intermediate frequency furnace insulation design answer: one is the chemical composition adjustment is not easy. ZGMn13Cr2MoVTi afraid of a steel grade, such as smelting in medium frequency furnace smelting, is more difficult. When all molten steel, sampling to do during the test, high temperature molten steel to the harm of lining is larger, that is to say, the test time is very short, and test after adjusting chemical composition is not easy. The second is the limited capacity of intermediate frequency furnace. Almost. How content in 85 at the end of the copper smelting, which tall person to give directions. Using medium frequency furnace smelting. Intermediate frequency furnace insulation design a: intermediate frequency furnace add a graphite crucible inside, what can that is melting, copper, bronze, brass, beryllium bronze. Too expensive lining with quartz sand and, for the first furnace smelting steel, first heated to 1600 ℃, 5 - hot 10 minutes, can melting copper. Lining than steel thick point. Copper slag of copper foam in the middle of the bottom, add bit of copper pieces. With copper water can.
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