Intermediate frequency furnace insulation

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-10
Failure 1 failure phenomenon: intermediate frequency furnace large dc current when starting, low voltage dc voltage and frequency and over-current protection device and start the deep voice. Analysis: there is a bridge inverter bridge arm of the thyristor may cause short circuit or open circuit inverter bridge running three arm bridge. Oscilloscope were observed four bridge inverter bridge thyristor (tube voltage waveform on the arm of the if there is a bridge. What are the common faults intermediate frequency furnace? Answer: 1, the startup system without any reaction (1) rectifier board failure; (2) over current, over voltage protection action; (3) the main switch is not together; (4) control tuning work potentiometer damage or break; (5) rectifier control power supply part of the bad. 2, only dc voltmeter has instructions, other no reaction (1) inverter board and inverter circuit fault; (2) the inverter power supply failure. No 22 v inverter pulse power supply. Note:. Medium frequency induction coil of the circuit. In the case of how many degrees temperature insulating paint can answer: intermediate frequency furnace cooling water out of the water temperature control in the 30 - usually 40 degrees Celsius, the temperature, the overall efficiency is higher, intermediate frequency furnace energy consumption is low. More beneficial technology companies have been measured in the cooling water temperature, a 3 tons of intermediate frequency furnace, coil inside surface temperature at about 80 °, with body size, lining thickness is different, the electric power, frequency. Intermediate frequency electric furnace note answer: a, shortage of water resources, the process of long-term use of intermediate frequency electric furnace, may in the cooling water pipe scale or blocking capacitor to caused by power capacitor overheating and burning fragments of the water system. Therefore, we should pay attention to in the process of observation of the cooling water flow electrical capacitance, if emissions are not normal, you should use appropriate measures. Second, the electrical grounding cathode capacitance. What is the cause of the intermediate frequency furnace capacity will be burn out? A: medium frequency furnace capacity if appear to burn out, the main reason is the following: 1, water shortage, intermediate frequency electric furnace in the process of long-term use, may in the cooling pipe of condenser scale or feed water system into sundry jams caused overheating and burning of electric capacitance. So in use process should pay attention to observe the electric condenser cooling water flow rate, if abnormal traffic. Medium frequency induction coil, furnace why always shooting? A: medium frequency induction coil, furnace firing is generally induction coil, induction coil insulation bad spark breakdown or interturn with sundry ( Steel slag iron filings, etc. ) , or is getting too close to the copper pipe deformation, induction coil, induction coil, if so had better look after renovation, reoccupy refractory cement both inside and outside the coil with a layer, protect the coil, dry solid after the furnace building. The induction coil. Do before the new furnace with intermediate frequency furnace insulation clay after how long does it take to get charge a: make a new intermediate frequency furnace furnace before coating insulation clay after how long does it take to get the burden on the & # xE768; Let me share a WeChat scan report sina weibo, QQ space browse 5 times can select one or more the following keywords, search for related. The service life of intermediate frequency furnace answer: in addition to the requirements of the physical and chemical indicators, burden coefficient of expansion as small as possible, in order to avoid the use of expansion of crack due to repeated temperature difference effect, affecting the service life of crucible. According to the equipment models, melting materials of ph and melting temperature control to determine. At present, the domestic intermediate frequency furnace crucible of masonry materials with quartz sand and high alumina materials. Suitable for the high alumina material 500 kg. Intermediate frequency furnace causes of harmonic, and how to governance. A: intermediate frequency electric furnace is due to the power frequency inverter for medium frequency power supply by the rectifier, in the process of the work for grid produced a large number of damaging the higher harmonic, is one of the largest harmonic source in power grid load. Harmonic will seriously affect the safe operation of power grid, such as harmonic current in the transformer, high frequency eddy current to generate additional iron loss, make the transformer overheating, reduces the output of the transformer capacity. What are the common faults intermediate frequency furnace? Intermediate frequency furnace insulation answer: common fault analysis and processing method of intermediate frequency furnace: first: fault phenomenon: equipment cannot be started, started only dc ammeter have instructions, dc voltage no instructions, intermediate frequency voltage. Analysis: a has short pulse trigger inverter phenomenon; B thyristor inverter breakdown; C capacitor breakdown; D load has a short circuit, grounding phenomenon; E intermediate frequency signal. Intermediate frequency furnace insulation what is on the resistance of the above technical data, intermediate frequency furnace have what effect on medium frequency furnace insulation answer: medium frequency furnace coil to ground insulation resistance shall be not less than 5 ohms, available megohmmeter measurement. Intermediate frequency furnace transformer and ordinary transformer insulation answer: what's the difference between the intermediate frequency furnace for medium frequency furnace using a dedicated transformer, the manufactured materials, the need for accurate calculation of parameters, selects the high quality high permeability, low loss and high quality silicon steel sheet manufacturing core wire, also need to the scientific method to determine copper iron scale, from a manufacturing material guarantee transformer with low no-load loss and low noise performance. By using the method of 'cutting expenditure'.
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