Intermediate frequency furnace industrial furnaces

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-11
Intermediate frequency furnace technology encyclopedia of industrial furnaces foundry medium frequency furnace belongs to a special type of work? A: foundry medium frequency furnace belongs to what type of work, the following is a special type of work. Foundry industry casting sweeper burden work furnaces the special type of work of the enterprise, is based on the industry department in charge of examination and approval of the relevant documents submitted to the department of labor, the file there is a special type of work approval list, list in some type of work, is a special type of work, no list. Industrial furnaces answer: the introduction of the intermediate frequency furnace kiln kiln is made of refractory bricks used to calcine material or equipment of burnt products. According to the material variety can be divided into ceramic kiln, the cement kiln, kiln kiln, glass kiln, enamel, etc. According to the former operation method can be divided into continuous kiln ( Tunnel kiln) , half continuous and intermittent kiln kiln. According to heat the original can be divided into flame kiln and electric heating furnace. According to the condition of heat source for body can be divided into the Ming. What industry policy of intermediate frequency furnace in foundry industry a: contrast 'partial industry backward production process equipment and product guidance catalogue ( The 2010) , eliminated the following equipment casting net looking for casting order, problems casting technology ( 10) Intermediate frequency generator induction heating power supply ( 11) No yoke ( 025 tons or higher) Aluminum shell coreless medium frequency induction furnace, 2015) ( 12) Coreless mains frequency induction furnace. Industrial furnace of common sense to answer: more than 1, general large kiln fuel for heavy oil, light diesel oil or coal gas, natural gas. 2, kiln consists of kiln, usually combustion equipment, ventilation equipment, transportation equipment and so on four parts. 3, most electric kiln with electric stove wire, silicon carbide or molybdenum disilicide as heating element, its structure is simple, easy to operate, there are a variety of kiln atmosphere, etc. 4, in the concrete industry, kiln. Steel annealing furnace is industrial furnaces or boilers answer: generally used car high temperature annealing furnace, high temperature annealing furnace development, have to do. Please recommend some BBS about industrial furnace kiln? ? ? Answer: the industrial furnace kiln BBS now no, recommend you to the BBS to see heat treatment. Industrial furnaces is introduced a: industrial kiln, kiln again by thermal system can be divided into two kinds: one kind is intermittent kiln kiln is also called the period, its characteristic is furnace continuous production, in each heating cycle kiln temperature is variable, such as room type kiln, car type furnace, pit type furnace, etc. ; The second type is continuous furnace, its characteristic is furnace continuous production, divide the temperature in the hearth kiln. How intermediate frequency furnace and cooling tower, according to what to go with the answer: cooling tower also known as the cooling tower and cooling towers. Shandong fengyuan glass steel mills all cooling tower is energy-saving, develop because of lower motor installed capacity in the cooling tower at home and abroad. Low noise and low noise type cooling tower water temperature drop is 5 - commonly General 8 °, suitable for air conditioning and refrigeration, etc to cool the temperature drop. Ultra low noise cooling tower ( Cooling tower) On the basis of the low noise again. Emergency help, 3 tons of intermediate frequency furnace is declared obsolete by formal decree of the state in 2000 by a: medium frequency furnace is electric furnace main but the iron and steel industry with electric arc furnace and induction furnace, intermediate frequency furnace is induction furnace electric furnace in the case of an electric arc furnace, though a little bit more. Intermediate frequency furnace for transformer, please and what is the difference between ordinary transformer ah answer: medium frequency furnace is a dedicated transformer rectifier transformer, the reason is that the impedance of the rectifier transformer compared to the ordinary transformer, high harmonic school transformer s9S11 mainly in the majority with civil. Voltage is used in the intermediate frequency furnace of the power industry, the difference between a common transformer is domestic load 380 v, 220 v, generally speaking, these two kinds of transformer principle and structure are not much difference, just impedance. Intermediate frequency furnace technical data of industrial furnaces of depreciation of the fixed number of year of industrial furnaces is how much? ? Intermediate frequency furnace industrial furnaces answer: belongs to the building of industrial furnaces, besides there are special provisions, the depreciation of no less than 20 years. Industrial furnace kiln furnace track what is the use? Why do you want to track? Intermediate frequency furnace industrial furnaces answer: orbit is generally kiln car use, so that we can convenient material transport, reduce labor intensity and hoisting process, to protect fragile artifacts can also. Industrial furnace using natural gas fuel to perform what standard intermediate frequency furnace industrial furnaces a: air pollutants emission standards of industrial furnaces ( GB9078- 1996). Explicitly pointed out that 'refers to the industrial production of industrial furnaces used in fuel combustion or the heat generated by the electrical energy conversion, material or artifacts to smelting, calcination, sintering, melting, heating processes such as thermal technology equipment, the standard is applicable to use except coke furnace, incinerator, cement industry is a solid, a liquid.
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