Intermediate frequency furnace in horizontal

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-13
Intermediate frequency furnace in horizontal furnace technology an intermediate frequency furnace reactor what is the cause of the frequent breakdown? Help to wear in medium frequency furnace transverse answer: http://wwwwanfangdatacomcn/qikan/periodicalArticles/gdyjs/gdyj99/gdyj9903/990330htm, here is the capacitance compensation reactor damage analysis. Hope to be able to help. You see if you use of intermediate frequency furnace proper, general reactor breakdown was due to overvoltage. The overvoltage is likely to be foreign or equipment. KP breakdown intermediate frequency furnace shutdown time, lead to a bad time in a while, answer: according to the situation you described, only when shutdown to rectifier thyristor breakdown phenomenon, this at least intermediate frequency equipment can run normally, related circuit basic intact. When power off the cause of thyristor breakdown, probably is door plank on the adjustable potentiometer caused by poor contact work, when are you going to shutdown, slowly rotating small potentiometer potentiometer center contact. Too much current of intermediate frequency furnace lining caused by wear furnace? Answer: lining has a certain influence. Our factory of intermediate frequency furnace electric capacitance with two electrodes breakdown I put it according to break a: breakdown many for high voltage capacitor, time is long will spoil breakdown! Small problems can be found that major problem. Intermediate frequency furnace start-up after power up to a certain value suddenly stop wearing in four or five thyristor intermediate frequency furnace transverse answer: main circuit is empty or open circuit, over voltage breakdown.
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