Intermediate frequency furnace hearth diameter and material

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-08
Intermediate frequency furnace hearth diameter and material technology encyclopedia cast steel factory of intermediate frequency furnace explosion? Why? A: medium frequency furnace cooling jacket, with the increase of furnace use of furnace wall thickness will be more and more insurance when cooling jacket hit steel will meet water, the water will quickly gasification, volume expansion probably 1000 times, in an instant so. The service life of intermediate frequency furnace answer: in addition to the requirements of the physical and chemical indicators, burden coefficient of expansion as small as possible, in order to avoid the use of expansion of crack due to repeated temperature difference effect, affecting the service life of crucible. According to the equipment models, melting materials of ph and melting temperature control. How to measure the high temperature, large diameter smelting furnace inner answer: a, boiler pressure gauge used in boiler pressure measurement, design and installation of the matters needing attention: ( 1) The location of the installation of pressure gauge, should have sufficient lighting, convenient for the operator to observe and test. To prevent by radiant heat, low temperature and pressure gauges. Matters need attention of intermediate frequency furnace answer: 1, to check the good before blowing in electrical equipment, water cooling system, sensor tubes are in good condition, otherwise prohibited furnace. 2, furnace melting in excess of the prescribed shall promptly repair. It is strictly prohibited in melting too deep inside the crucible for melting. 3, sending and furnace. The safe operation of intermediate frequency furnace answer: a, the matters needing attention before blowing in medium frequency electric furnace before blowing in necessary for electrical equipment, water cooling system, sensor tubes, such as inspection, only in the case of this a few equipment in good condition can blow-in, ensure the safety of the heat treatment, or banned. How to increase the speed of intermediate frequency furnace smelting medium frequency furnace hearth diameter and material answer: the former generally use Yu Taozao alloy material, which is used for refining steel, more can be done dozens of tons of electroslag furnace, intermediate frequency furnace generally don't have that much, rarely more than 10 tons of intermediate frequency furnace. Intermediate frequency furnace and electroslag remelting they use frequency. In the intermediate frequency furnace and induction coil series parallel capacitance work? Answer: role: booster, in parallel to increase current. With coil in series for the resonant circuit, resistance, capacitance and inductance in the series circuit, a power, voltage, current and phase phenomenon, called the series resonance. Its characteristic is: circuit. One intermediate frequency furnace, 2 sets of heat treatment furnace transformer capacity, the priority for a: of course. You this three should have their own electrical equipment control cabinet? After the transformer add a main control cabinet, to three switch control respectively to three equipment power supply, the transformer on the output side of the bus bar current sample, monitoring. Repair inch intermediate frequency furnace with binder is what a: 籿 alkaline and acidic medium frequency furnace furnace, so according to your furnace and furnace material with different binder, general shavings alkali ( Sodium silicate) The majority of alkaline chamber of a stove or furnace using magnesia, acid furnace using quartz sand, direct repair in smelting. For intermediate frequency furnace operation procedures? A: stop sending intermediate frequency furnace operation procedures 1, check whether the water drainage systems, the hydraulic pressure gauge is normal, the pipe is leaking. Electric control cabinet of the feed water pressure for 01 mpa, condenser water pressure 008 mpa, furnace feed water pressure for 02 mpa. Technical data of intermediate frequency furnace hearth diameter and material selection of furnace 10 mm diameter rod a: how much is the diameter of intermediate frequency furnace according to the theoretical calculation, in about 20 mm. Intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking steel tilting furnace out, left a black residue in the hearth answer: black residue is slag, also known as the steel slag. He has many components, the formation of iron oxide, a furnace wall dry slag material, there are other impurities by high temperature melt after the formation of the dross, and so on, in a word, is composed of all the garbage in molten steel dregs. Almost no way to prevent this, if the raw material is clean, there are not many impurities, so the slag. The surface of the molten steel in intermediate frequency furnace hearth problem of intermediate frequency furnace hearth diameter and material answer: that means you are a burden low refractoriness. Quartz sand impurity is more, not pure. Melt condensation of the crust is a low melting point substance formed after the rise to the surface cooling. The ingredients should be similar to some ingredients in the slag pill.
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