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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-09
Intermediate frequency furnace air furnace can send technology encyclopedia who know intermediate frequency furnace when feeding overvoltage protection is how to return a responsibility? The description of the answer: you may not be accurate. When feeding medium frequency furnace, should add a few small broken material first, it had been before the formation of molten pool don't wait hollow aniseed, small or medium frequency current, overvoltage imagine after intermediate frequency voltage to high easily happened, if appear this kind of circumstance, furnace charge red not only melting, you can charge of red oxygen to fuse and intermediate frequency electric current will go in a few minutes to go,. Intermediate frequency furnace transformer power often play control panel is the reason why a: overvoltage, after sending proposal in the control power supply. 1 acid lining material: carbon steel smelting. Quartz sand ( 20/40) 40%, quartz sand, 50/100) 5 ~ 2% ( Plus) 2%, water ( Plus) 。 Quartz sand should be magnetic separation, remove the ferromagnetic material. Alkaline lining: for alloy steel smelting. Magnesia ( A 4 x 4 mm sieve) 96%, refractory clay, No. 100. Power for medium frequency furnace is what reason is caused? Answer: if can reach intermediate frequency voltage rating, the current is very small, it is too light load, furnace for melting material space, can appropriate oxygen rapid formation of molten pool, power can go up in a few minutes; Low voltage large current, and that there is a short circuit, check the insulation of the furnace body with and without damage, KK is damaged. Intermediate frequency furnace maintenance of common sense empty in medium frequency furnace can send a: oven for dry type furnace, furnace of steel is not out. When the oven must be based on the principle of add sauce and infill, avoiding local flint and melt the tank, make the dry material to collapse. So try to save a few small in front of the oven. At the same time in the process of heating up to strictly observe the steel case, when a dozen arc serious should reduce current, if the current in the lead. How to detect the failure frequency of intermediate frequency furnace furnace air furnace can send a: 1 intermediate frequency furnace repair rectifier lacks: the problem characterized by abnormal noise when working, maximum rose less than output voltage rating, and strange sound bigger power ark, then to lower output voltage is controlled in 200 v, oscilloscope for investigation of the rectifier output voltage waveform ( Oscilloscope should be placed in power synchronization) , when the normal input voltage waveform each cycle were six waveform, lack of. Thyristor medium frequency furnace in air switch or leakage empty in medium frequency furnace can send a: SCR intermediate frequency furnace with air switch. The power of intermediate frequency furnace were universal circuit breaker. Main function: used for distribution power and protect circuit and power equipment from overload, short circuit, under voltage fault damage. Also can be used as the motor is not frequent start and overload, short circuit, under voltage protection. Failure 1 failure phenomenon: intermediate frequency furnace large dc current when starting, low voltage dc voltage and frequency and over-current protection device and start the deep voice. Analysis: there is a bridge inverter bridge arm of the thyristor may cause short circuit or open circuit inverter bridge running three arm bridge. Oscilloscope were observed four bridge inverter bridge thyristor (tube voltage waveform on the arm of the if there is a bridge. The equipment characteristics of medium frequency furnace answer: low heating speed, high production efficiency, less oxidation decarburization, save material and cost, extend the service life of mould due to the principle of electromagnetic induction medium frequency induction heating, the heat inside the workpiece itself, ordinary workers with intermediate frequency electric furnace to work after ten minutes for the task of forging work continuously, without burning furnace professional workers for burning furnace and furnace work ahead of time. Due to the. Intermediate frequency furnace principle of intermediate frequency furnace air furnace can send a: medium frequency induction furnace works: PS series power supply adopt ac - Dc - Ac frequency conversion way, by a ( Or two) Three-phase bridge rectifier three-phase alternating current into direct current, and then by a single-phase bridge inverter dc into intermediate frequency alternating current (ac), and intermediate frequency ac induction coil, when passing a medium frequency induction coil produces alternating alternating current (ac). Intermediate frequency furnace air furnace can send technical data points of intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking answer: god light electric co. , LTD. Web site is introduced as follows: a, the task of smelting steel part of the main raw material is steel scrap and pig iron. Outsourcing in scrap steel rust, with mud and other dirt, sulfur, phosphorus content in steel is higher also. Steel's task is to put the above conditions of raw material of smelting gas and low inclusion content, composition of qualified, temperature meet the requirements of high quality. How to increase the speed of intermediate frequency furnace smelting answer: the former generally use Yu Taozao alloy material, which is used for refining steel, more can be done dozens of tons of electroslag furnace, intermediate frequency furnace generally don't have that much, rarely more than 10 tons of intermediate frequency furnace. Intermediate frequency furnace and electroslag remelting they use different frequency, the frequency of the intermediate frequency furnace is higher than the frequency of the power frequency furnace. Using the intermediate frequency furnace heat melt metal heating, so as to achieve. What are the advantages of medium frequency furnace compared to natural gas heating furnace a: medium frequency furnace is a kind of will power frequency 50 hz alternating current into intermediate frequency ( More than 300 hz - 1000 hz) Power supply device, the three-phase alternating current (ac) power frequency, after rectification into direct current, then laid adjustable intermediate frequency electric current, direct current supply by capacitance and induction coil in through the intermediate frequency alternating current, generate high density magnetic field lines in the induction coil, induction coil, and cutting.
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