Intermediate frequency furnace flue gas collection

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-11
Intermediate frequency furnace exhaust waste gas industrial dust collection technique an intermediate frequency furnace and soot is how to deal with a: the smoke to handle a bit of trouble, after adding the gas-collecting hood on medium frequency furnace, crane hoisting when raw material is not very convenient, is a little impact; Make the gas-collecting hood, easy to bad, the effect also is not very good; Behind the cloth bag dust removal of form a complete set is relatively good. How to calculate the answer: foundry medium frequency furnace emissions have no fixed calculation method, see how much charge of impurity content. Casting medium frequency electric furnace flue gas to perform what standard answer: don't know where you are, I am in jiangsu province, my father also make casting, I major in chemical analysis, I've to their factory played, they have factory I found nothing of what the smell of the factory they have no coal as fuel, using eddy current of electric furnace, the other raw materials are iron, also won't produce much pollution, only a small amount of carbon dioxide emissions. Foundry of intermediate frequency electric furnace in melting molten iron, the exhaust fumes of answer: this is also true to say, intermediate frequency furnace smelting mainly join scrap steel, foundry return, a small proportion of pig iron, pyrite, etc. , should see you join the burden composition and state: back to the furnace charge is generally need to undergo purification treatment. Steel scrap are more diverse, and the oil, iron filings, etc. , anything can appear, suggested that choose professional manufacturers through classification processing of scrap steel; Was born.
In the past few decades, aluminium shell iron scrap melting furnace production has increased because of the use of scrap melting furnace.
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