Intermediate frequency furnace equipment safety operation procedures

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-06
Intermediate frequency furnace equipment safety operation procedures: medium frequency furnace grounding device is not ready, have what effect on equipment? Answer: the safety and normal work of equipment itself won't have any effect, but, to contact staff of intermediate frequency furnace to get an electric shock, such as radiation safety concerns. Intermediate frequency furnace can do? A: medium frequency furnace is a kind of will power frequency 50 hz alternating current into intermediate frequency ( More than 300 hz - 1000 hz) Induction coil, power supply units, deserve to go up and compensation capacitor, applied the principle of electromagnetic induction heating equipment, widely used in non-ferrous metal melting, heating. Such as molten pig iron practice, ordinary steel, stainless steel, tool steel, copper, aluminum, gold, silver and alloy, etc. ; Diathermy forging purposes. Intermediate frequency furnace in use process requirements for cooling water what answer: conditions of use: ( A) 1, environment condition and building facilities, the device should be installed to no violent vibration, no conductive dust, no corrosive gas, the temperature is not higher than 40 ℃, relative humidity is not more than 85%, of the interior. Room 2, the power supply should be insects, rodents, snakes measures, should have the exhaust ventilation equipment, fire equipment. 3, waste water should be waterproof. Intermediate frequency electric furnace before use should be detection electric circuit are in good condition, whether the element damage, the contact point is loosening and release, if have the above situation occurs should eliminate faults in rear can use. Check intermediate frequency electric furnace water, water temperature, water quality, should meet the requirements of the device, the water temperature + 5 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃, the water pressure is 10 kg/cm2 ~ 20 kg/cm2. Intermediate frequency furnace which unit tube, on the basis of what is? Answer: the bureau of quality and technical supervision of special equipment safety inspection institute. Special equipment manufacturing license in order to standardize the mechanical and electrical category, to ensure the safety of the mechanical and electrical kind of special equipment manufacturing quality and technical performance, is based on 'special equipment safety supervision regulations' and 'special equipment quality supervision and safety supervision regulations'. Intermediate frequency furnace causes of harmonic, and how to governance. A: intermediate frequency electric furnace is due to the power frequency inverter for medium frequency power supply by the rectifier, in the process of the work for grid produced a large number of damaging the higher harmonic, is one of the largest harmonic source in power grid load. Harmonic will seriously affect the safe operation of power grid, such as harmonic current in the transformer, high frequency eddy current to generate additional iron loss, make the transformer overheating, reduces the output of the transformer capacity. Melt post what security requirements medium frequency furnace equipment safety operation procedures a: melting chemical safety technology 1 scope this discipline is used melt furnace melting operator, power frequency furnace operators. 2 21 wear protective gear before work safety regulations and inspection on equipment each system, hydraulic pressure, furnace, hydraulic system and distribution system meets the requirements for the blowing in the switch, adjust knob is in the specified location. Intermediate frequency furnace equipment safety operation procedures technical data medium frequency furnace type slag to shut the electricity it medium frequency furnace equipment safety operation procedures answer: none electricity without the word of the problem to the theoretically equipment problem is not big, but, after all, safety first, if the power does not affect the molten iron out, better off, if it is not convenient shut electric, had better take insulating gloves, wear insulated shoes, or standing on the insulation board. Medium frequency induction furnace principle of intermediate frequency furnace equipment safety operation procedures a: don't say underground water, tap water is all not line, must use distilled water or deionized water cooling. Is using the principle of electromagnetic induction heating medium frequency furnace, induction coil is a copper solenoid, pass on intermediate frequency electric current to produce alternating magnetic field creates an eddy current to make it hot metal in the furnace. At the same time because the solenoid current is very big also will be hot so it into the circulating water cooling, water. Emergency help, 3 tons of intermediate frequency furnace is declared obsolete by formal decree of the state in 2000 by medium frequency furnace equipment safety operation procedures answer: medium frequency furnace is electric furnace main but the iron and steel industry with electric arc furnace and induction furnace, intermediate frequency furnace is induction furnace electric furnace in the case of an electric arc furnace, though a little bit more. Intermediate frequency furnace have radiation? There must be a: radiation, mainly concentrated in the vicinity of the primary loop. Near water around, induction coil, including cable, near the main circuit copper tube. These places have strong magnetic field in the process of smelting, if there is metal near the easy induction heating. Safety manual Suggestions with a pacemaker or other electronic devices don't get close to. The reactor of the main role of intermediate frequency furnace? Please give a hand to answer: the main purpose of the reactor is regulated. Resistance to flow. Eliminating harmonic. What is the difference between the electric arc furnace and intermediate frequency furnace medium frequency furnace equipment safety operation procedures answer: 1, the electric arc furnace, big volume are generally not more than 3 tons, have a certain scale of the enterprise to use the electric arc furnace, smelting steel is more pure. Intermediate frequency furnace: relative electric arc furnace steelmaking cost lower, suitable for small and medium enterprises, refining the steel material, high carbon steel coming out is not so pure. 2, electric arc furnace with electric power frequency; Intermediate frequency electric furnace used. The thyristor medium frequency furnace is at work has been conducting medium frequency furnace equipment safety operation procedures a: silicon controlled rectifier in the relevant fault, reverse voltage of instantaneous burr high voltage in the main circuit of intermediate frequency power supply, the instantaneous inverting burr voltage is absorbed by resistance capacity to absorb.
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