Intermediate frequency furnace environmental protection equipment

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-10
Environmental protection equipment technology, an intermediate frequency electric furnace instead of intermediate frequency furnace cupola melt iron is green environmental protection equipment to answer: but the pig iron containing matte intermediate frequency furnace you can consult the ningbo shekinah furnace Emmanuel baidu shekinah furnace will have their website online. You can go in understanding. Working principle of the principle of intermediate frequency furnace answer: medium frequency induction furnace, PS series power supply adopt ac - Dc - Ac frequency conversion way, by a ( Or two) Three-phase bridge rectifier three-phase alternating current into direct current, and then by a single-phase bridge inverter dc into intermediate frequency alternating current (ac), and intermediate frequency ac induction coil, when passing a medium frequency induction coil produces alternating alternating current (ac). How to eliminate harmonic disturbance caused by the medium frequency furnace? A: obviously interference problem. May be harmonic, may also be conducted radiation interference, is likely to be this kind of electromagnetic interference problem. Harmonic can use harmonic filter, conduction radiated interference power supply filter can be used. Schaffner emc is a professional do the power quality of this piece, intermediate frequency furnace is obviously a nonlinear load, the harmonic problem is possible. Intermediate frequency furnace installation requirements answer: user, please first provide the scene graph and the scene of some of the requirements or the technical parameters, designed by experts detailed on-site installation plan; Equipment for basic requirements: the flat cement ground, without a fixed or slightly fixed; Equipment should be placed on ventilation, shade, outdoor shade; User is responsible for the installation of materials and the need of civil engineering and the necessary tools, I. Intermediate frequency furnace reactive compensation answer: god light electric data ( Please visit shekinah furnace query more) : in the face of the domestic large number of intermediate frequency furnace and the urgent need of environmental protection and energy saving a lot of manufacturers and try to do a lot of useful efforts. Some manufacturer use system transient protection class, surge, higher harmonic suppression products of intermediate frequency furnace system, practice shows that the intermediate frequency furnace harmonic content more than 85% for low harmonics. What are the intermediate frequency furnace harmonic harm and governance measures a: I answered the main contents are as follows: in the use of intermediate frequency furnace produce large amounts of harmonic, harmonic not only cause local power system parallel resonance or serial resonance, make the harmonic content of amplifier, capacitor compensation devices such as burned. And harmonic will cause misoperation of relay protection and automatic device, the electric energy metering chaos. Cause harmonic pollution in power grid. Industrial furnace equipment, for example, a: in the studio size: 12000 long/wide / 250 250, for example 1 push board size: 260 l / 230 w/h / 50 mm, material: super jade mullite resistance ( DGM85) High temperature pushing plate furnace 2 power rating: about 120 kw power constant temperature: 80 kw ( Affected by the product weight, temperature and velocity, for reference) 3 high rated temperature: 1650 ℃ temperature control points: 3. What are the advantages of medium frequency furnace compared to natural gas heating furnace a: medium frequency furnace is a kind of will power frequency 50 hz alternating current into intermediate frequency ( More than 300 hz - 1000 hz) Power supply device, the three-phase alternating current (ac) power frequency, after rectification into direct current, then laid adjustable intermediate frequency electric current, direct current supply by capacitance and induction coil in through the intermediate frequency alternating current, generate high density magnetic field lines in the induction coil, induction coil, and cutting. What are the advantages of IGBT medium frequency furnace medium frequency furnace environmental protection equipment a: saving features low heating speed, high production efficiency, less oxidation decarburization, save material and cost of forging die due to the principle of electromagnetic induction medium frequency induction heating, the heat inside the workpiece itself, ordinary workers with intermediate frequency electric furnace to work after ten minutes for the task of forging work continuously, without burning furnace professional workers for burning furnace and furnace work ahead of time. Don't have to bear. Medium frequency induction furnace hot air cupola with water-cooled furnace life long their environmental protection equipment a: what are the optimal medium frequency furnace mainly from 1, investment: cupola one-time investment is little, intermediate frequency electric furnace investment ( Look at the size of the tonnage) ; 2, operation cost: in fact, almost don't pick cupola cost burden, but the increase in the price of coke, and artificial is expensive; Intermediate frequency electric furnace carry burden but can operation simple and convenient to use less artificial; 3, melt quality: cupola melting molten iron containing impurities. Intermediate frequency furnace environmental protection equipment technical data medium frequency furnace which good quality? Answer: weifang kangda electric furnace ( 'Kangda electric stove') Is one specialized is engaged in induction heating equipment development and manufacturing of high-tech enterprises, the company is located in the world kite capital -- Shandong weifang weifang diesel city, is specializing in the production of thyristor inverter device, energy efficient and environmentally friendly induction furnace and intelligent heating system equipment manufacturers of high-tech enterprises. From 05 t to the current production of furnace capacity. Harmonic treatment of intermediate frequency furnace, converter, dc motor technology. Hotline: 0 a: LC - device profile RXI filter compensation device is a kind of economical single tuned filter and compensation device, in view of the characteristics of harmonic filtering. Filter branch adopted professional design group formed single tuned filter reactor and capacitor filter, under the resonant frequency, XCn = XLn, can approximate short-circuit loop is formed on the harmonic, in view of the characteristics of harmonic absorption filter. In effective. 3 tons of intermediate frequency electric furnace need much intermediate frequency furnace transformer environmental protection equipment answer: 3 tons of intermediate frequency electric stove will need the following working voltage 500 v, heat insulation class is F of special transformer. With special purpose transformer known as special transformer. Transformer except for ac voltage conversion, and various other USES, such as the change of power frequency, rectifier equipment of the power, the power of the electric welding equipment, electric power and voltage transformer, electric.
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