Intermediate frequency furnace daily check form

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-07
Daily tally form of intermediate frequency furnace technology encyclopedia forklift daily tally sheet answer: a head, forklift safety operation regulation 1 facilities should be strictly required by the trained and personnel driving forklift certificate. 2 forklift driver to use checklist to check before, during, and after using forklifts, including all alarm and safety device ( See attached list) Any failure, immediately report to the supervision of forklift; If there is something wrong with the brakes, banning the use of forklift truck. 3. Equipment point check management which includes a: equipment point check is to ensure that meet the specified performance, according to the standard of rules for checkpoint ( Parts) For visual inspection instrument and tool inspection system. Implement equipment can tally system of early detection, early prevention, early repair equipment failure and degradation phenomenon, avoid sudden fault and influence production, quality, increase the maintenance cost, operation cost. Please have equipment management experience to guide how to do a report on the production equipment a: first of all, you should have a complete system of equipment maintenance, such as, daily check, daily maintenance and so on related to fill in form; Second, you need to have about the terms of the verification requirements set, and then you also need to have the corresponding measures of rewards and punishments more comprehensive, will you be able to complete the establishment of the daily maintenance of the inspection, otherwise production staff appraisal for you is not recognized. Safety equipment management system covered by the content and equipment regular maintenance of intermediate frequency furnace daily check form a: 1 general 11 special equipment safety control program in order to strengthen the company's special equipment safety management, prevent and reduce accidents, employee life and property security, combining the reality of the company, formulates this program. This procedure applies to 12 companies use related to safety of life, greater danger of boiler, pressure vessel, Including gas cylinders, hereinafter the same) , pressure pipe. Intermediate frequency furnace without power detection answer: fault phenomenon: equipment can be started, the voltage rises is not high, but the reactor sound particularly large, dull, voltage rises very unstable, with trembling. From time to time has over current or over voltage fault, sometimes even burning inverter tube, but disconnect inverter circuit rectifier part is good. Failure analysis and treatment: this kind of fault is most reactor has a problem. The inductance ratio of the reactor. What's tally of four standard answer: check the four point check management standards of the big four by standard, check standard, standard and maintenance operation standard to grease of four criteria. 'Four standards' for short. Maintenance technology standard maintenance technology is based on equipment design and manufacture of maintenance benchmark that dates back to the original data, it is the basis of four criteria, and three other standards. Equipment daily management includes which aspects answer: daily management contains the analysis test, update the management standards, dynamic management, inspection, defect treatment, guarantee system, passed the creation process, since the weak link in these aspects. Update manager: 1, factories and mines to lubricating oil production equipment run, run, drip, leak, to organize the study research, solve step by step. 2, the upgrading of products to put on the factories and mines. Project how to carry out the daily equipment management a: equipment daily management 1 equipment use and maintenance of equipment of equipment life cycle is the main stage, also play a role of equipment operation, produce benefit is an important period. Equipment run time management is very important, therefore, maintenance and operation of equipment operation become equipment maintain good technical condition, prevent and reduce the abnormal wear and sudden failure, improve the enterprises. The kitchen table management weaknesses? What are those? A: the kitchen table management weaknesses? What are those? Is mainly management consciousness. Electrical equipment maintenance answer: a, concepts, 1, what is the equipment inspection equipment inspection was conducted according to the part of the equipment, the content of rough patrol, to 'see' the normal operation of the system, this approach is, in fact, a kind of quantitative operation management, right. Intermediate frequency furnace daily tally table yesterday my company a technical data of 500 kg of intermediate frequency furnace occur when normal operation of the IGBT module of intermediate frequency furnace daily check form a: the things to look at the scene. Intermediate frequency furnace electrical schematic diagram? Daily check form a: intermediate frequency furnace manufacturers generally will provide, and also may not too detailed, ask someone won't give. Intermediate frequency furnace without intermediate frequency voltage is daily check form a: what's the matter with intermediate frequency furnace without intermediate frequency voltage is typical of inverter is not successful, sometimes sound despite the current, dc ammeter also have showed that but no intermediate frequency voltage, electric current as long as a little bigger will over-current protection. So you should check the inverter part emphatically: 1 check whether there is any breakdown on inverter silicon, in 5-1 k file test Between 10 k. 2 check whether there is any breakdown on electricity distressful, general and simple method with 1. What are the bridge crane tally? Answer: the daily tally standard of mechanical and electrical workshop daily electrical tally of train standards to regulate the electric tally standardized operations increase tally of train to reduce the quality of the road. What the diameter and height of the intermediate frequency furnace crucible answer: from the heating efficiency, crucible is slender, the more efficient, because at this time of the induction coil magnetic field lines is the most densely populated, thermal efficiency is the highest. But it isn't too thin too deep loading, the effective volume is too small, so the ratio of the diameter and height of 1 best; About 2 ~ 3.
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