Intermediate frequency furnace condenser pressure

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-05
Intermediate frequency furnace with capacitor voltage inverter technology, an intermediate frequency furnace part resistance capacity to protect the capacitor is always burn out what reason is this? Intermediate frequency furnace condenser pressure answer: 1, water shortage, intermediate frequency electric furnace in the process of long-term use, may in the cooling pipe of condenser furring or feed water system into sundry jam caused by electric capacitance overheat and burn out. So in use process should pay attention to observe the electric condenser cooling water flow rate, and if the abnormal flow, should adopt the corresponding measures; 2, intermediate frequency voltage is too high, intermediate frequency electric. Intermediate frequency furnace must be the same on both ends of the capacitor? A: at the ends of the intermediate frequency furnace condenser must be the same? Intermediate frequency furnace must be the same on both ends of the capacitor? Intermediate frequency furnace must be the same on both ends of the capacitor? At the ends of the intermediate frequency furnace condenser must be as much as you. Intermediate frequency furnace just boot and start way through the press trip? Answer: medium frequency furnace often occur trip reasons and solution: 1, intermediate frequency furnace potentiometer damage or potentiometer voltage failure usually lead to this phenomenon, and encounter the phenomenon should be timely change the potentiometer. 2, over current protection action. (1) due to an over current protection or secondary overcurrent protection value is low, caused by the action of over current protection circuit. Principle and maintenance of intermediate frequency furnace answer: the working principle of intermediate frequency power supply as follows: the three-phase bridge type all control the ac rectifier for dc rectifier circuit, after the flat wave reactor, became a constant dc current source, then through single phase inverter bridge, the dc current inverter with a certain frequency ( Generally between 1000 and 8000 hz) The single-phase medium frequency current. Load is composed of induction coil and compensating capacitor, connection. The reactor of the main role of intermediate frequency furnace? Please give a hand to answer: the main purpose of the reactor is regulated. Resistance to flow. Eliminating harmonic. Intermediate frequency furnace affect what appliances how to deal with? Answer: intermediate frequency furnace harmonic generation, have a certain impact to power grid, harmonic can reduce the transmission and utilization efficiency of electricity, capacitor devices such as fire, relay protection and automatic device misoperation, make the electric energy metering chaos, may have a serious interference of communication equipment and electronic equipment, etc. , cause serious harm. Obviously the interference problem. May be harmonic, too. Intermediate frequency electric furnace load matching method a: there are two kinds of furnace body and the capacitance match access to: 1, to consult with suppliers. 2, with theory calculation. Calculation method one: want to make sure the intermediate frequency furnace center frequency, the frequency is the resonant frequency of intermediate frequency power supply; Secondly confirm the intermediate frequency induction coil inductance value of the furnace; 3 it is according to the formula of resonant frequency, calculate the capacitance values must match. Calculations. Intermediate frequency furnace a: how to configure the capacitance ark of intermediate frequency furnace problem can look for 'divine radiation electric furnace,' baidu professional is minority after all, you go to search their company's web site or directly to make a phone call past best consulting technical adviser, the hope can help you. The connection method of intermediate frequency electric furnace condenser? A: medium frequency induction coil, capacitance and parallel as shown. What is the cause of the intermediate frequency furnace capacity will be burn out? A: I don't know the structure of the intermediate frequency furnace inside but can explain it from the Angle of the harmonic is likely to be the cause of intermediate frequency furnace produced in the process of inverter harmonic current is very big and it is belong to the high frequency harmonic, mainly 3, 5, and 7 times as the main harmonic current distortion rate of at least 10% of such large harmonic current on both sides of the condenser, right. Intermediate frequency furnace condenser pressure technical information which teacher: please tell me about the current and voltage of intermediate frequency electric furnace. Times the pressure a: current and power is related to medium frequency furnace, * current = power dc voltage. 380 v power supply voltage can reach more than 1000 v but for thyristor medium frequency, condenser pressure is limited, if the capacitor can only be transferred to the medium frequency withstand voltage is 750 v voltage 750 v - 850V。 You can go to. Chung intermediate frequency enterprise website have a look at. 12 of intermediate frequency furnace using electric capacitor terminal how to answer the intermediate frequency furnace condenser pressure a: terminal is an extremely, capacitor shell is an extremely. The terminal in parallel, shell in parallel, the insulation between terminal and the shell. Intermediate frequency furnace condenser pressure answer: how intermediate frequency furnace measured in short circuit capacitor unwrapped condenser of an electrode copper platoon to quantity, if the resistance is zero, illustrate the electrodes have been a short circuit. Each capacitance measurement. Intermediate frequency electric furnace before use should be detection electric circuit are in good condition, whether the element damage, the contact point is loosening and release, if have the above situation occurs should eliminate faults in rear can use. Check intermediate frequency electric furnace water, water temperature, water quality, should meet the requirements of the device, the water temperature + 5 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃, the water pressure is 10 kg/cm2 ~ 20 kg/cm2. Miss guo, our mills can use contactor for capacitance the filling medium frequency furnace with capacitor voltage answer: contactor and the circuit breaker is one of the biggest difference between open circuit ability, namely the circuit breaker to cut off the short-circuit current, and suction can cut off the load current contactor, that's why contactor cost is low;
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