Intermediate frequency furnace complete acceptance of sample

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-05
Intermediate frequency furnace complete sample qualified technical what is the difference between an electric arc furnace and intermediate frequency furnace answer: 1, the electric arc furnace, big volume are generally not more than 3 tons, have a certain scale of the enterprise to use the electric arc furnace, smelting steel is more pure. Intermediate frequency furnace: relative electric arc furnace steelmaking cost lower, suitable for small and medium enterprises, refining the steel material, high carbon steel coming out is not so pure. 2, electric arc furnace with electric power frequency; Intermediate frequency electric furnace used. What is the intermediate frequency furnace furnace answer: medium frequency furnace, furnace lining mould should be built. Generally in four or five thick plate. Made cylindrical drum furnace, furnace mouth is made with the specifications of the iron plate under the round bottom, easy to open and easy to 100 to 150 mm diameter larger than the mouth, easy to smaller than furnace circle diameter of 100 to 150 mm in diameter to facilitate in the furnace building is completed by the front pull out! Hope to you have reference value.
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