Intermediate frequency furnace charging when it is strictly prohibited to join

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-10
Intermediate frequency furnace charging, joining technology are forbidden to wikipedia who know intermediate frequency furnace when feeding overvoltage protection is how to return a responsibility? The description of the answer: you may not be accurate. When feeding medium frequency furnace, should add a few small broken material first, it had been before the formation of molten pool don't wait hollow aniseed, small or medium frequency current, overvoltage imagine after intermediate frequency voltage to high easily happened, if appear this kind of circumstance, furnace charge red not only melting, you can charge of red oxygen to fuse and intermediate frequency electric current will go in a few minutes to go,. Intermediate frequency furnace dc voltage dc voltage instability when loading is too high, intermediate frequency electric medium frequency furnace charging when it is forbidden to join a: add too much material or slow speed. Intermediate frequency furnace charging 'bypass' how to deal with? Intermediate frequency furnace charging when it is forbidden to join a: crane lifting a heavy iron. I think they just do that. Then there is school and see if it is the power of the furnace is too more power make the iron melting bridge is falling down as soon as possible. Intermediate frequency electric furnace empty running normally, step up to 600 v trip after feeding, answer: it's certainly overload, try to try a new open. Electric furnace in metallurgical process, the intermediate frequency furnace and shoes are generally design capacity of answer: for example, 3 tons, 1500 kw intermediate frequency electric furnace smelting copper, a single feed rate must reach 3 tons, is this a recognised charging coefficient? Answer: 3 tons, 1500 kw intermediate frequency electric furnace melting copper is nominal tonnage, actual melting in nominal tonnage 15 - plus - 20%. General formula of intermediate frequency electric furnace production capacity of is what? Answer: general make up furnace, intermediate frequency electric. Medium frequency induction furnace can realize continuous feeding, continuous steel scrap? Answer: medium frequency furnace, continuous charging until full furnace, pouring, feeding, midway can not operate electric appliances, so long as fillers, pour material, as for the heating, no problem, adjust the small power, specific you fumble, steel material will be hot and not, completely can meet your requirements.
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