Intermediate frequency furnace capacity is why

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-05
Why is medium frequency furnace capacity backward technology power for an intermediate frequency furnace is what reason is caused? Why medium frequency furnace is outdated capacity answer: if can reach the rating, intermediate frequency voltage current is very small, it is too light load, furnace for melting material space, can appropriate oxygen rapid formation of molten pool, power can go up in a few minutes; Low voltage large current, and that there is a short circuit, check the insulation of the furnace body with and without damage, KK is damaged. Cast steel factory of intermediate frequency furnace explosion? Why? A: medium frequency furnace cooling jacket, with the increase of furnace use of furnace wall thickness will be more and more insurance when cooling jacket hit steel will meet water, the water will quickly gasification, volume expansion probably 1000 times, in an instant so. 。 Peng ( Exploded) 。 So using medium frequency furnace after a period of time will check the furnace wall thickness. Eia of intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking why must have a spare stove a: intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking power consumption related to many factors, such as the stand or fall of the filial piety of scrap steel and medium frequency furnace furnace working technology and frequently lazy and so on. Generally speaking, the power consumption between 550 ~ 750 degrees, large-tonnage stove and lower power consumption, small tonnage. Why should cast steel choose medium frequency furnace? Why is outdated capacity answer: medium frequency furnace insulation medium frequency coreless induction furnace is mainly used for cast iron, cast steel, copper, molten aluminum and other metal smelting, improve working conditions, high power efficiency, small metal loss, its characteristic is high efficiency and energy saving, metal components uniform, burning less, temperature rise is fast, easy temperature control, no pollution to maintain full power output of the melting furnace melting efficiency is as high as 60% above, but hot molten iron heating efficiency is very low. Why can only let the 250 kw intermediate frequency furnace burden is red, but cannot answer why the medium frequency melting furnace are backward capacity: 500 kg of medium frequency induction furnace, the furnace, the dc current can be up to 500, but less than five minutes, the dc current is gradually decreased to 220, and the charge ( Waste steel), Also can only heated to red, not melting, ac table is high after low first. Intermediate frequency furnace flow is why why medium frequency furnace is outdated capacity answer: flow of the main reasons are: ( 1) Small lead Angle B before a tuning, make inverter thyristor commutation time tC increases, the corresponding reserve time tB is reduced, thus difficult inverter in tube flow, flow, make the inverter failed. We know that tD = tC + tB which tD for lead before the triggering time, tC for commutation time, to reserve time tB. Only when the tB> Tq, can ensure shutoff crystal. Power of intermediate frequency furnace to go up, but why not material? Answer: the power to go up, but not the material? Made of conductive material is? ( The permeability of also can affect efficiency. ) Put inside block are not. First from the conservation of energy now that you have to do work, that where have it work? The cooling water boiled? The melt furnace shell? If all have no, that need to measure the actual line voltage, current, to confirm the power is showed. Why the intermediate frequency furnace of iron is from the bottom of the melting a: if it is melting at the beginning, there is induced current on iron, induction caused the fire. If it is melting in the molten iron in small Mars, reason, much more. Why is medium frequency furnace always burn KP? A: I don't know what you burn KP in inverter and rectifier, you check the capacitor, water-cooled cables or furnace of sensors, etc. , if no problem, then adjust the flow a little bit small potentiometer. Ordinary thyristor stylobate semiconductor quality can also, might as well give it a try. 1250 v - - 1300 v intermediate frequency voltage may be too high, but maybe the line is different, some only. Cast steel factory of intermediate frequency furnace explosion? Why? A: may be a gas furnace bottom exist, when tilting furnace or mixing gas conveniently with steel insert eruption upwards.
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