Intermediate frequency furnace can be stainless steel

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-10
Can even stainless steel technology an intermediate frequency furnace refining furnace in stainless steel tube and medium frequency furnace charge what is the difference between a: first is the difference of raw materials, refining furnace tube of stainless steel materials such as steel belt is ore with fine coal furnace smelting, to control the harmful material ideal, texture soft, good polishing and weld formation, corrosion resistance is strong, is the most critical processing, bending and welding processing is convenient. Intermediate frequency furnace tube of stainless steel strip both in material and manufacturing process is poorer, right. 1 acid lining material: carbon steel smelting. Quartz sand ( 20/40) 40%, quartz sand, 50/100) 5 ~ 2% ( Plus) 2%, water ( Plus) 。 Quartz sand should be magnetic separation, remove the ferromagnetic material. Alkaline lining: for alloy steel smelting. Magnesia ( A 4 x 4 mm sieve) 96%, refractory clay, No. 100. How intermediate frequency furnace smelting stainless steel adding alloying elements, slag, oxygen, and so on. Answer: best in VOD, made of stainless steel is good. And harmonic management. The intermediate frequency furnace cast stainless steel shaft when processed stomatal group. When pouring alcan take off a: use the modelling of what is material? Type with water? There are zinc or materials. Can contact me. Intermediate frequency furnace in stainless steel shell, no yoke, coil and shell answer: how far the distance between the original aluminum shell, is ok. Intermediate frequency furnace smelting stainless steel, casting flange new furnace why stomatal answer: casting have trachoma. The forging will not. Demagnetization of stainless steel in the medium frequency induction melting induction coil of intermediate frequency furnace can even answer: stainless steel chemical composition adjustment is not easy. ZGMn13Cr2MoVTi afraid of a steel grade, such as smelting in medium frequency furnace smelting, is more difficult. When all molten steel, sampling to do during the test, high temperature molten steel to the harm of lining is larger, that is to say, the test time is very short, and test after adjusting chemical composition is not easy. The second is the limited capacity of intermediate frequency furnace. Almost. Intermediate frequency electric furnace heating a ton of stainless steel bar how many KWH intermediate frequency furnace can even answer: stainless steel 350 degrees or so. Y how intermediate frequency furnace smelting stainless steel carbon overweight? Furnace is medium frequency furnace refractory material can even answer: stainless steel smelting stainless steel will also have to vacuum refining, the carbon to below a few, we usually give customers are with AOD/VOD refining stainless steel! Specific contact. Intermediate frequency furnace can even stainless steel technical information of intermediate frequency furnace smelting stainless steel workshop layout a: stainless steel points without magnetic and magnetic, a magnetic can use the intermediate frequency furnace smelting, such as martensite and ferrite and duplex stainless steel are available intermediate frequency smelting; Austenitic stainless steel without magnetic is can't. The National Development and Reform Commission on medium frequency furnace melting scrap policy our company prepare investment medium frequency furnace can even answer: stainless steel medium frequency furnace smelting is out of date, don't make the best now, investment big, small profits, good equipment aod investment is more expensive, at least hundreds of millions. How intermediate frequency furnace carbon reduction, don't tell me what carbon reduction agent, I also know that using medium frequency furnace can even answer: stainless steel medium frequency furnace lining refractories is acid, iron oxide, CaO can remove harmful composition and carbon reduction, the furnace body harm is big, can dramatically reduce the useful service life of furnace body, this is the biggest defect medium frequency furnace steelmaking, there is no good method, so on into the furnace charge we will strictly control, reasonable collocation burden is key, banned from pig iron burden. Melt casting fasteners, precision casting equipment suitable for the intermediate frequency electric stove? A: yes, medium frequency melting furnace are not small, or require high vacuum intermediate frequency furnace, a few hundred kilograms is ok.
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