Intermediate frequency furnace can add equipment of harmonic governance

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-10
Intermediate frequency furnace can add equipment of harmonic governance technology an intermediate frequency furnace causes of harmonic, and how to governance. A: intermediate frequency electric furnace is due to the power frequency inverter for medium frequency power supply by the rectifier, in the process of the work for grid produced a large number of damaging the higher harmonic, is one of the largest harmonic source in power grid load. Harmonic will seriously affect the safe operation of power grid, such as harmonic current in the transformer, high frequency eddy current to generate additional iron loss, make the transformer overheating, reduces the output of the transformer capacity. Using the intermediate frequency furnace harmonic treatment equipment? A: there are two kinds, one kind is a passive filter, is a kind of active filter. The effect of the active filter is better, but the price is quite high; Passive filter's price is much lower, but relative to the effect, and the active filter still has certain gap. For intermediate frequency furnace harmonic how to deal with? Intermediate frequency furnace can add equipment of harmonic governance? Answer: there is a dedicated to medium frequency furnace harmonic filter, don't need according to the detection of harmonic condition, can filter out 2 - at the same time 50 harmonics, and Shanghai municipal quality supervision bureau measured report effect ABB active filter, the price only one-third - 1/2, suitable for bad environment, the governance of harmonics at the same time, THD is less than 10%) Can power saving 10% more detailed information can be sent. Intermediate frequency furnace harmonic treatment USES active filter is better? Or passive filter medium frequency furnace can add equipment of harmonic governance? A: popular speaking, the choice of intermediate frequency furnace harmonic governance, according to the enterprise targets and the case may be: 1, if only in order to guarantee the operation of equipment, you can choose to passive filter mode. Cheap, while 65% harmonic filter can also provide reactive power compensation, can make the equipment normal operation, to avoid equipment damage, and so on and so forth. Intermediate frequency furnace causes of harmonics, as well as how to run a: hehe cause harmonic of intermediate frequency furnace? Intermediate frequency furnace with dc work, in the process of communication the whole into dc, creates a harmonic. Because of its power is very big, rectifier circuit is simple, so the harmonic is very outstanding, intermediate frequency furnace is one of the most headaches of equipment in power supply bureau. Intermediate frequency furnace mainly produce several harmonic? Main is 5, and 7 times harmonic. How to governance section. Intermediate frequency furnace reactive power compensation and harmonic treatment! ! ! A: most used at present, the highest ratio of passive filter, can be in harmonics and compensate reactive power. Of course, there are active filtering scheme, but this is several times higher, less commonly used from the consideration on the economy. What are the intermediate frequency furnace harmonic harm and governance measures a: I answered the main contents are as follows: in the use of intermediate frequency furnace produce large amounts of harmonic, harmonic not only cause local power system parallel resonance or serial resonance, make the harmonic content of amplifier, capacitor compensation devices such as burned. And harmonic will cause misoperation of relay protection and automatic device, the electric energy metering chaos. Cause harmonic pollution in power grid. Intermediate frequency furnace to have led the quality of power grid ring? Medium frequency furnace can add equipment of harmonic governance? A: work medium frequency furnace can produce 6 n + 1 or n + 12 times ( High power, special rectification) Harmonic current, which can produce harmonic voltage, makes the grid voltage distortion, the waveform is not a sine wave, which affects other users of the same grid, concentrated in the intermediate frequency furnace, such as without harmonic governance, harmonic voltage distortion seriously it can cause severe to other users. Harmonic treatment of intermediate frequency furnace, converter, dc motor technology. Hotline: zero intermediate frequency furnace can add equipment of harmonic governance? A: LC - device profile RXI filter compensation device is a kind of economical single tuned filter and compensation device, in view of the characteristics of harmonic filtering. Filter branch adopted professional design group formed single tuned filter reactor and capacitor filter, under the resonant frequency, XCn = XLn, can approximate short-circuit loop is formed on the harmonic, in view of the characteristics of harmonic absorption filter. In effective.
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