Intermediate frequency furnace cable

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-12
Intermediate frequency furnace cable technology, an intermediate frequency furnace cable joint red in the intermediate frequency furnace cable answer: 1, wire overload, cross-sectional area of the wire. 2, not pressure joint, fastening rickety. 3, (joint Dental floss clip) The material has a problem, the resistance rate is too high. Intermediate frequency furnace water cable burn out is nothing to what is the effect of intermediate frequency ark answer: medium frequency furnace water and electricity cables below what circumstance easily fuse. Why can't smelting, intermediate frequency furnace in cable trench fell into metal? A: is to protect the cable is not burn out. Medium frequency furnace is 160 kw, how to choose the cable it and motor cable a: choose medium frequency furnace and electric motors, if constant power with constant power furnace, power factor can reach 09 power equal to three times the voltage times the current multiplied by the square root of the power factor. But when considering the low power factor, line diameter increased by twenty percent. Not recommended with cable, heat dissipation is not good. With multiple BV wires, namely good connection and cheap, the effect is good, one square millimeter wire unit price. Intermediate frequency furnace water cable poor contact of what would happen failure like now? A: cable poor contact water, cable will be lighter, the inside of the copper is likely to be broken! Water cable bronze poor contact, bronze will strike a light! 1 water inside of bare copper cable is broken, induction coil, 2 water the bronze medal of the cable and the bronze not perfectly! Have a gap, not to tighten the screw. Principle and maintenance of intermediate frequency furnace answer: the working principle of intermediate frequency power supply as follows: the three-phase bridge type all control the ac rectifier for dc rectifier circuit, after the flat wave reactor, became a constant dc current source, then through single phase inverter bridge, the dc current inverter with a certain frequency ( Generally between 1000 and 8000 hz) The single-phase medium frequency current. Load is composed of induction coil and compensating capacitor, connection. Intermediate frequency furnace water cable breakdown reason analysis of intermediate frequency furnace cable breakdown frequently, a: what is your type of cable? Is not suitable for use on intermediate frequency? Intermediate frequency furnace lining and water-cooled cables should be? A: intermediate frequency furnace cable should not be conduction, the worst situation is to find the reasons of lining you use time is too long, very thin, so quick touch induction coil; To see whether pulling on the induction coil or foreign bodies. Suggest you find out the reasons in the running. Intermediate frequency furnace electric why can grounding cable a: intermediate frequency furnace neutral grounding transformer winding is as you say, or enclosure grounding el is twelve pulse output transformer or rectifier power supply in parallel if Mr Parallel transformer, connection must be the same, or the Angle of by and star phase difference 30 degrees ah, if only twelve pulse output, there is no relation between neutral grounding is not grounded, grounding is in order to protect inverter when electric induction coil to discharge the silicon tube. Matters need attention of intermediate frequency furnace answer: 1, to check the good before blowing in electrical equipment, water cooling system, sensor tubes are in good condition, otherwise prohibited furnace. 2, furnace melting in excess of the prescribed shall promptly repair. It is strictly prohibited in melting too deep inside the crucible for melting. 3, sending and furnace should have someone who's in charge, after sending it is forbidden to contact sensors and cables. On duty shall not leave post, pay attention to the sensor. Intermediate frequency furnace cable intermediate frequency furnace problem of intermediate frequency furnace technical data cable a: 1 lighter medium frequency furnace, if the light is capacitance may be a copper platoon line loose, capacitor terminal touch water be affected with damp be affected with damp, if furnace of flint, due to leakage magnetic field is very large, medium frequency furnace caused by nearby conductor, with a strong potential, an induction of induction electric potential difference between different conductor, when a moving conductor short-circuit potential difference, while lighter phenomenon, or when the different electricity. What is the principle of intermediate frequency electric furnace? Intermediate frequency furnace cable a: intermediate frequency electric furnace is a kind of smelting equipment, not household electric furnace! - - - - - - Through the electromagnetic induction eddy current in the metal surface melt metal heating equipment, consists of furnace body, bus before furnace busbar, frequency conversion device, water cooling device, control of five parts. Features: 1, the melting speed, metal components uniform, 2, low temperature around the stove, smoke less, make it. Intermediate frequency furnace without intermediate frequency voltage cable a: what about intermediate frequency furnace without intermediate frequency voltage is typical of inverter is not successful, sometimes sound despite the current, dc ammeter also have show, but there is no intermediate frequency voltage, electric current as long as a little bigger will over-current protection. So you should check the inverter part emphatically: 1 check whether there is any breakdown on inverter silicon, in 5-1 k file test Between 10 k. 2 check whether there is any breakdown on electricity distressful, general and simple method with 1. What are the common faults intermediate frequency furnace? Intermediate frequency furnace cable a: common fault analysis and processing method of intermediate frequency furnace: first: fault phenomenon: equipment cannot be started, started only dc ammeter have instructions, dc voltage no instructions, intermediate frequency voltage. Analysis: a has short pulse trigger inverter phenomenon; B thyristor inverter breakdown; C capacitor breakdown; D load has a short circuit, grounding phenomenon; E intermediate frequency signal. Water-cooling cable leakage of medium frequency furnace, without accessories, what measures to take a: bicycle tire rubber carefully package, with a fixed insulating tape, can stick to a period of time. Intermediate frequency furnace transformer of 2800 kva, we should match the high voltage cable much crude for intermediate frequency furnace cable a: 28 kkva capacity, input 10 kv, can estimate about 150 a high side current ( The transformer nameplate Chad) , conveying distance between 150 ~ 200 meters, installation is buried and LanGou coexist, according to the calculated using a 3 x95 square cross-linked polyvinyl chloride has been armoured high copper core ( JV22 type) , it is ok to practice specifications should be carried out according to the external environment condition. Intermediate frequency electric furnace flow is what's the cause of the intermediate frequency furnace cable answer: 1, reason: medium frequency furnace condenser soft breakdown. This phenomenon is commonly voltage suddenly flow to a certain value.
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