Intermediate frequency furnace air brick furnace bottom installation

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-05
Intermediate frequency furnace air brick furnace bottom installation technology encyclopedia boiler qizhon construction plan a: small, fast loading boiler installation construction scheme models: DZL28 - 07/95/70 - A Ⅱ hot water boiler. One, the engineering general situation, Slightly) Personnel, construction and equipment installation machine configuration: 1, the construction personnel equipped with tables: position and type of work. What are the classification of air brick? Price? A: air brick, it is a new type of composite material of decoration bricks, named air brick for permeability is very good. Most of the air brick on market basically is a circle, a square shape and circular shape, color is more of a single, mainly metal color and grey mud. Vent brick has effective permeability, pressure and corrosion resistance, use rise very energy saving, environmental protection, use life. Rapid ashing furnace installation answer: 1, according to the packing list, all the packing materials in the cabinet. 2, carefully check whether there are missing parts or damaged, should pay special attention to the oven door, if there is any question, please immediately contact the supplier or our company seeking solutions. 3, shall be installed in a strong strong cement or metal platforms, and spacing with walls or other objects should not be less than 150 mm. 4, 220 v50hz25a ready. Top of converter bottom blowing oxygen smelting and what's the difference between the bottom blowing a: composite blowing process, the so-called avoidances for oxygen top-blown converter, is apart from the top of the original oxygen lance distance to the metal molten pool blowing oxygen, in order to strengthen the metal molten pool of stirring, also through the furnace bottom blowing a certain amount of gas pool, to speed up the metallurgical reaction, and make it tend to balance. In bof smelting. Air brick what is the role of air brick a: air brick is a kind of functional refractories, it is mainly used for the gas mixing in the process of ferrous and non-ferrous metal smelting, effects that are mediated by gas stirring speed in the chemical, physical response in the process of smelting, reducing energy consumption. Vent brick itself according to the different carrier, divided into ladle vent brick, air brick of converter, electric furnace air brick, rotary anode furnace air brick, etc. Air brick according to no. Galanz light wave stove chassis blades rotating motor under how to tear open come down to? Answer: after teardown, quickly find the tray motor, remove the tray, the motor connecting line from the microwave. Pull out of the magnetron power supply line ( In order to avoid the risk from the radiation) And found that the motor is still not turn, Started to directly on the 220 v voltage to the motor, luckily, no such, because the motor is not 220 v, 30 v ac, but sorry,. New converter steel-making furnace 6 why furnace hearth brick all off a: don't know much about Mr General heat bilges cold shrink, should not fall he also should be the first two furnace you are prone to Egypt the wider picture. Should not he is out of your build by laying bricks or stones of the furnace, or your way not baked good, the production of low temperature? What air brick type medium frequency furnace air brick furnace bottom to install a: air brick: is a new product of high life saving energy and reducing consumption, reasonable structure design, has a good thermal stability, resistance to erosion, erosion resistance, and resistance to permeability, with high pass rate, safe and reliable operation, long service life, etc. 1, ladle vent brick: this is a kind of high strength of air brick, have extremely strong resistance to pressure! Ladle air brick is a kind of use of the ladle. Requires no oxidation technology of induction furnace smelting stainless steel refining? Answer: 1 blowing argon purification ( ArgonInjection) Through the vent brick of pottery and porcelain to blowing argon in the liquid steel can realize the purpose of purifying molten steel. Air brick can be installed in the bottom of the ladle. Its advantage is: in addition to the function of agitation, due to bubbles, with small and scattered and degassing effect, can reduce the content of gas and inclusion; Air supply rate range is more flexible.
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