Intermediate frequency - forging heating furnace Environmental protection and energy saving heating method

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-27
Contrast medium frequency furnace with coal furnace, staff not easy to be hot hot coalball furnace baking and smoky, under various parameter values can be more environmental protection bureau, in addition to shape enterprise external brand image and the developmental trend of forging industry in the future. Intermediate frequency of forging heating furnace is environmental protection and energy saving in electric furnace heating method, by indoor heated to a temperature of 1100 ℃ of tons of steel power consumption is lower than 320 degrees. Intermediate forging heating furnace if produce safety accident, the host should first disconnect medium frequency forging furnace power supply, electric oven body, the pump is installed at the inlet of the filter ( 3mm2) 。 Intermediate frequency forging furnace choose 8 was copper core wire grounding device, low grounding device *, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the standards for electrical equipment grounding device. Can be connected intermediate forging furnace button switch and remote control socket, induction heating machine equipment according to the route number connected with the main control cabinet, transformer tank, induction electromagnetic coil connector and transformer secondary connected to prevent deviation. Intermediate frequency forging heating furnace manufacturers heng Yang machine has its own induction heating equipment research and development center, and a number of years from induction heating equipment product research and development of product engineer. With independent innovation of design concept, continue to release new type of induction heating equipment technical *. Companies to comply with the quality of preferred standard, create the sound from raw material selection to the detection of raw materials entering the factory, the production manufacture, adjustment, embrittlement, adjustment, and then to the original factory inspection quality guarantee mechanism, which ensures that each factory the quality of the goods. Intermediate frequency - forging heating furnace Ningbo leaves Mr Taste good in foshan where there is sell medium frequency forging heating furnace of intermediate frequency forging heating furnace have more advantages in metal forging intermediate forging heating furnace profile - How to choose the intermediate frequency furnace guangdong frequency characteristics of forging heating furnace equipment
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