Intermediate frequency forging furnace production factory facilities is perfect

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-19
Nowadays economic development by leaps and bounds, each intermediate forging furnace production processing manufacturing industry also gradually rise, the quality of the forging furnace became the topic of many companies has discussed, every company is looking forward to their own to buy cost-effective medium frequency forging furnace, can look for a medium frequency by the spectrum forging furnace manufacturers long-term cooperation way. So it follows that people say what manufacturer is customer favorite. First, must be responsible, a responsible intermediate forging furnace manufacturer clients want cooperation way! Such as foshan, heng Yang met many such cases, a Mr. Wong is also looking for a forging furnace factory custom-made a copper bar heating quenching, the result after received the cargo discovered many faults and reach rules, then feedback the manufacturer, the manufacturer just casually perfunctory under it, until Mr Wang and foshan constant Yang cooperation method is quite deep feelings, after this foshan constant Yang met only in one case. Second, there is no doubt to equipment improved, now on the market the size of the manufacturer is very much, if you didn't go to visit you don't know the manufacturer is what circumstance, some manufacturers are new start, the technical level is not perfect, all is made, while exploring the way to forge furnace quality is not very good. And manufacturers of intermediate frequency forging furnace equipment is perfect, profound technical groups, improve the machining process. This can save a lot of inconvenience for the customer. And foshan constant Yang has this among them, 2 o 'clock and foshan constant young ten years working experience in manufacturing industry, the existing ten years has been committed to intelligent system of induction heating automation machinery product development and production and processing, in order to use several induction heating metal materials industry, production and processing research and development high frequency quenching equipment, medium frequency induction furnace, medium frequency quenching equipment, high frequency welding equipment, super audio quenching equipment, induction heating equipment. More can from the consideration on the production and processing of customer requirements, to produce high quality goods. That's great! As the intermediate frequency of forging furnace manufacturers but also I want to! Intermediate frequency forging furnace chamber type - - forging furnace temperature can be precisely controlled Forging furnace - efficient environmental protection and energy saving Improve the production of intermediate frequency speed forging furnace what are some of the characteristics of igbt medium frequency power supply | frequency forging furnace equipment frequency forging furnace automatic feeding temperature control
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