Intermediate frequency electric furnace smelting, melting temperature and pouring temperature points!

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-19
Factory intermediate frequency furnace smelting, Lao shifu always told us to high melting low pouring, specifically, ordinary HT250, high melting to fuse to how much the temperature, high melting is medium frequency furnace melting temperature, the tapping temperature how many appropriate? 1. Medium frequency furnace melting temperature of 1520 ℃ can be out of the hot metal. 2. Not high melting low pouring, but high temperature melting, pouring temperature. 3. High melting can lead to the oxidation of liquid metal, metal solution of oxide inclusions, high temperature has a lot of damage to the lining, high temperature liquid metal smelting purpose is to improve the degree of superheat, increase the nucleation rate. 4. The water temperature and pouring temperature according to the casting material, size, thickness, and casting process ( Sand casting, special casting) To decide, not all, otherwise can be misleading. 5. Melting of high temperature is not open-ended, pouring low low temperature is not unlimited, cast iron smelting, higher than the temperature of 1500 ℃ can eliminate the burden of hereditary, bulky graphite, graphite floating was has relationship and melting temperature, high temperature refers to the smelting furnace temperature, not the tapping temperature. 6. High temperature, pouring temperature. Smelting must not exceed 1550 ° C, we are 1520 ° C, 1360 ~ 1380 ° C casting ( Low alloy cast iron) And vermicular cast iron, nodular cast iron pouring temperature would be more appropriate, but also shoulds not be more than 1450 ° C. 7. High temperature melting + molten iron stand + proper pouring temperature. General melting temperature should not be more than 1550 ℃. Optimum ( Low) Pouring temperature and casting thickness determined! The choice of intermediate frequency furnace working frequency medium frequency melting furnace precautions to avoid emergency mid-frequency crucible furnace, covers an area of less than 1 square meters before with traditional flame heating medium frequency melting furnace and smelting method
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