Intermediate frequency electric furnace gas furnace bottom

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-19
Intermediate frequency electric furnace to produce gas technology encyclopedia why my intermediate frequency furnace hearth has been leaking! Who can help ah! Thank you very much! Intermediate frequency electric furnace to produce gas a: furnace bottom whether some preset a permanent layer, vent to open, otherwise the moisture out, sintering furnace bottom are not reliable, easy to burn through. First charge to choose better material, charging wants light, want to slowly increase power, in this way can is quartz sand sintering is good, strong and durable. Bottom can be appropriately increasing point. Intermediate frequency furnace bottom with the cement line do not answer: must use refractory cement, Portland cement can't bear the high temperature of the furnace. Why of intermediate frequency furnace iron from melting at the bottom of the intermediate frequency electric furnace to produce gas a: if it is melting at the beginning, there is induced current on iron, induction caused the fire. If it is melting in the molten iron in small Mars, reason, much more. A: 075 tons of intermediate frequency furnace bottom thickness is usually about 250 to 300, the design of the manufacturer is slightly different. No drying medium frequency furnace casting base will not lead to the furnace shell heat answer: this question is not big. Sea crystal mechanical and electrical equipment co. , LTD. , intermediate frequency furnace is how they put the power frequency electric furnace to produce gas a: impossible than low power frequency, generally over thousand Hertz.
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