Intermediate frequency electric furnace building

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-19
How how intermediate frequency electric furnace building technology, an intermediate frequency electric furnace furnace building a: there's a crucible mold, put it in the middle of the stove, the mixer good refractory material fill in, vibration and compaction, baking dry open stove power. To what extent of medium frequency induction furnace lining used to build furnace answer: in order to secure the remaining one-third is generally to furnace. There are several kinds of intermediate frequency electric furnace lining is how to use how intermediate frequency electric furnace building a: siliceous dry type lining material: high quality quartz sand as the main raw material, the particles with multistage matching, using dry, and stir well. Electric furnace is the electrical energy into heat within the furnace for heating furnace, compared to fuel furnace, furnace has the advantages of: furnace atmosphere is easy to control, even into a vacuum; Material quick heating, high heating temperature, temperature easy to control; 。 How to improve the medium frequency furnace service life? A: first of all, intermediate frequency electric furnace in the initial and subsequent use, must be in the furnace lining and to sintering. Lining according to different raw materials and smelting need divided into acid and alkaline lining, our factory is using acid lining. Lining, is to use the material such as quartz sand, do one protective isolation melting along the furnace lining materials and the induction coil inside the furnace body, protect the induction.
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