Intermediate frequency brazing furnace

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-26
Intermediate frequency brazing furnace technology, an intermediate frequency furnace the concrete application of intermediate frequency brazing furnace answer: small transistor type of intermediate frequency furnace, high frequency induction heating equipment. Its main features are: light equipment, heating speed, high efficiency; Save electricity in particular, with the load power than the electron tube high frequency machine saves 60%; With over-current, over-voltage, overheating, etc protection functions, simple operation, easy installation, suitable for all kinds of needs for metal heating. The full name 'high frequency. Brazing furnace maintenance and fault of a: intermediate frequency electric furnace control system adopts thyristor communication, digital dc power conversion theory of relay control, high reliability and high working frequency interference, automatic tracking, workflow function without manual intervention, automatic matching load and power supply. Due to the over current, over voltage, lack of phase, water pressure protection, allowing any fault equipment operation. Induction brazing answer: an introduction to the intermediate frequency brazing furnace high frequency welding refers to adopt the principle of induction heating, cause the heating workpiece itself to generate heat to a way of welding molten solder. The fundamental principle or brazing, and flame brazing furnace brazing was no different in principle. It's just their application scenarios and different advantages and disadvantages of different. Induction welding on the requirements of operation is low, the welding process control. Application field of intermediate frequency furnace answer: 1, welding, cutting, drilling tools, cutting tools, woodworking tools, lathe tool, drill bit, brazing, reamer, milling cutter, drill bit, saw blade serrate, glasses frame, steel pipe, copper pipe welding, cutting teeth, the same of dissimilar metal welding, compressor, pressure gauge, stainless steel pot, relay contact composite materials with different welding, welding transformer winding copper wire. A new type of high frequency welding machine, high frequency welding machine, high frequency welding equipment, high frequency brazing answer: danyang found electronics co. , LTD is a professional production of induction heating equipment of domestic well-known manufacturers, specializing in the production of high-frequency machine, high frequency machine, intermediate frequency with machine and other high-tech electronic products. High efficiency and energy saving, automatic control, intelligent protection, can make the heated metal materials ( The fastest need to 1 second) Heating, welding, and melting. Choose the most excellent German original performance today. How to solve the brazing furnace fire a answer: nitrogen wants enough, ignition furnace temperature control at 650 degrees or so, pay attention to the ignition sequence. Our company's production equipment is 2 - Three air intake is usually first points on both sides after the middle. High temperature vacuum brazing minimum can do how thick? A: 1 mm to 2 mm, using high frequency welding. What are the types of class vacuum heat treatment equipment? Answer: vacuum thermal equipment including: skim sintering furnace integrated multifunctional furnace pressure sintering furnace medium frequency induction furnace gas quenching furnace oil quenching furnace annealing furnace tempering furnace brazing furnace carbonization furnace chemical vapor deposition in graphitizing furnace, all of these.
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