Intercontinental casting net medium frequency furnace

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-02
Intercontinental casting the net medium frequency furnace wikipedia articles technology two meal of intermediate frequency furnace foundry casting products at most how many tons per year I intercontinental casting the net medium frequency furnace article answer: two a ton of intermediate frequency furnace foundries around 8760 tonnes per year of casting products. Basic is 1 hour a furnace, furnace regardless of model, pouring and maintenance of all. Most production tonnage of 365 days a year 24 hours * * 2 = 17520 tons, actually consider modelling, pouring, maintenance. Kind of vacation, only about half. A medium frequency furnace. Intermediate frequency furnace is not polluting enterprises instead of the foundry? Intercontinental casting the net medium frequency furnace article answer: intermediate frequency furnace in metallurgical industry is more environmental protection equipment for the purchasing order castings, ductile iron parts, casting, foundry orders, consulting the casting technical problems, to order casting net. Foundry of intermediate frequency electric furnace is the metal melting furnace? Answer: intermediate frequency electric furnace is a kind of metal melting furnace, is the use of electromagnetic induction principle, keep the scrap in the induction coil, eddy current and fever, to melt, belongs to the induction heating. I here is the foundry, be badly in need of a medium frequency furnace Labour a: repair of intermediate frequency power supply electrician, or intermediate frequency furnace operator. Dafeng area using medium frequency furnace casting can apply for the eia? A: both intermediate frequency furnace early use now. How to calculate the answer: foundry medium frequency furnace emissions have no fixed calculation method, see how much charge of impurity content. Casting medium frequency furnace stove interlock is to point to? A: at the beginning of intermediate frequency furnace smelting process of heavy metals in ash components related to the steelmaking ingredients and steel operating process. Due to scrap steel surface often apply paint or galvanized, zinc and lead in the heat of the vapor pressure is higher, easy oxidation of volatile in the melting process, and in the collection of dust concentration is higher. Of nickel and chromium and oxygen affinity, the smaller the oxidation burning loss rate is about 2 ~ 4% of chromium, nickel and chromium vapor pressure is. Jilin province within all casting co. , LTD. ( Can use of intermediate frequency furnace) And the answer: intermediate frequency furnace manufacturers are you selling? I have a part of it. Intermediate frequency furnace cast stainless steel, carbon steel what do the material lining intercontinental casting the net medium frequency furnace article answer: can choose neutral lining material, carbon steel, stainless steel. Hello, I would like to ask about the intermediate frequency furnace in iron and steel scrap melting anti-wear castings, a: this is no problem. At present, the domestic there are a lot of steel ball, the ball is belong to product of wear-resisting, big classification belongs to the foundry industry, the current steel mills such as anshan iron and steel, have such specialized manufacturers are doing. Intercontinental casting the net medium frequency furnace article medium frequency furnace can add titanium iron casting technical data, please answer: adding titanium no problem, but must pay attention to the lining don't add zinc, acid corrosion of furnace lining is better. Workers want a working permit intercontinental casting foundry medium frequency furnace mesh intermediate frequency furnace article answer: generally require their actual operation ability, as long as the actual operation ability, not what certificate you want. Cast iron and cast steel, the furnace of how to play, ask: medium frequency furnace lining ( Article a: intercontinental casting the net medium frequency furnace cast iron furnace 300 times, cast steel furnace 100 times. Can seek advice in detail gongyi city north Alfred chuang in the high temperature furnace material factory. Questions about electric furnace for the foundry answer: foundry now use electric furnace is usually intermediate frequency electric furnace, intermediate frequency electric furnace is divided into three pieces, general electric power system, water circulation system and furnace body, furnace are generally the manufacturer directly to the maintenance, so want to learn the best manufacturers of electric furnace, which place are you from? Very far-sighted. Cast iron with medium frequency electric furnace smelting has smoke? A: yes, smoke is the most common in the process of casting production. Non-ferrous casting can't use the intermediate frequency furnace water? Answer: medium frequency induction furnace, Hereinafter referred to as the intermediate frequency furnace) The working frequency of between 50 ~ 10 hz, widely used in non-ferrous metal and black metal smelting. Compared with other casting equipment, intermediate frequency induction furnace has a high thermal efficiency, short smelting time, alloy elements burning less pollution to the environment, melting material widely, filial piety can precisely control the temperature of the liquid metal and composition, etc. Intermediate frequency furnace molten iron casting chilling how to return a responsibility? Intercontinental casting the net medium frequency furnace article a: I'm not quite understand, casting answered incorrectly, please point it out. The main problem, it may be the building before using the cupola, because the cupola in the process of smelting increases carbon element in the molten iron, and intermediate frequency furnace in the process of smelting, 5 - will burn province 10% of the carbon element ( 5 - containing carbon 10%) , so you need to supplement the carbon element, white, must be too hard. Why use intermediate frequency furnace cast 304, 316, 316 l material casting can intercontinental casting net medium frequency furnace article answer: should not Mr. I guess the reason of the temperature is equal to do the heat treatment, become a soft iron. I to casting don't understand, I want to ask: intercontinental with 50% 50% scrap and waste iron casting net medium frequency furnace article answer: use 50% 50% scrap steel and cast iron scrap in 500 kg of intermediate frequency furnace smelting, generates? A: white iron, Equal in yuan in burn in) Intermediate frequency furnace smelting is alloy composition will not change. Give me email address, send you the intermediate frequency furnace carbon steel and alloy steel melting technology electronic draft. Jewelry casting molten silver with high frequency furnace and intermediate frequency furnace, articles about one kilogram of intercontinental casting net medium frequency furnace answer: both can in principle. If you want to work better, I suggest you go up to intermediate frequency furnace.
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