Inner hole - high frequency quenching machine Quenching synchronized cooling effect

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-29
Small diameter internal thread hole high frequency quenching machine heat treatment in the surface layer is damage parts quality has been very not smooth, a difficulty in the process of heat treatment of high frequency heating equipment of inner hole, the surface of high frequency quenching process for a long time, high frequency quenching machine for inner hole type induction switch to carry out the continuous heating coils can only, generally choose single, didn't get very good deal with the experimental design, little imagine, high heating efficiency production produce a shape induction switch to succeed to handle the installation after the magnetic field around is to elevate a high heating efficiency of heating inner hole. Inner hole high frequency quenching machine equipment but some inner hole of high frequency induction quenching machine switch discomfort with hole surface diameter less than within small processing technology, general feel for small transmission shift support bar, raw materials for the inner hole table hole, can be carried out in the water heating heat treatment. But in view of the technical standards of inner hole in high frequency heating equipment heat treatment is more difficult in water, the surface induction hardening strength design scheme for which people with a small to medium sized sensor. Guangdong inner hole inner hole surface of high frequency quenching machine to carry out the inner hole high frequency quenching machine, heat treatment, water spraying cooling obtained satisfactory effect, sensor inducing electric conductor parts specifications, the induction switch, the gap with steel specifications precision is small. Inductive switch and the size of the steel space immediately affect high heating efficiency. Inner hole - high frequency quenching equipment Internal thread quenching deformation not inner hole - high frequency quenching machine Good thermal performance
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