Inner hole high frequency quenching machine quenching liquid need to be replaced regularly check

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-29
Inner hole high frequency quenching machine quenching liquid metamorphic changes often have this kind of organic compounds in aqueous solution by the first oil, then fork long zhu asked application, especially in the summer air temperature is hotter. Bad condition for stink, dark heavy today is not a kind of additive can ensure long-term stop using affected small produce perishable quenching liquid. Experiment confirmed that the black and stink nor shadow throughout liquid cooling characteristics of fire, do not harm the refractometer method, viscosity method and the real density method to accurately measure the density of Jiu. According to the circulatory system in manufacturing mixing with gas, the flavor will fade over a period of time, water solution as restoration to the original colour. This kind of slope may mildew is caused by rotary oxygen germ, tong ^ single gas both aseptic technical. Fill a little aseptic strip, which can eliminate the fine rush, remove peculiar smell, and the quenching liquid to change back into light yellow. Inner hole high frequency quenching machine refrigeration technical material production on the spot, ease the quenching liquid quenching countermeasures of transformation in production on the spot, adopt the following countermeasures can 'slow hardening liquid alkali shift. (1) after the increase of quench cooling products within hole in high frequency quenching machine quenching liquid enough wait time is convenient for adhesion of polymer melting. (2) artifacts in just a quenching tank products will further from gao water cleaning water added as fill the water in the quench tank. Today to strengthen management, reduce the destruction of the quenching cross (4) has a standard factory itself a refrigeration detector ling has characteristics of choose and buy to manipulate the quenching liquid Biao degrees, (5) temporary not standard processing factory are supposed to be on time sampling, send manufacturers to carry out the cooling characteristics of quenching agent type, the measurement itself controls the density with drop has characteristics of the instrument. In general, continuous production, every three pieces of Mr Sampling precise measurement. 6 common inner hole high frequency quenching machine shaw quenching liquid used a long time, damage accumulation is more, using refractometer to already was very l: hi, soil density test and cooling characteristics of manipulation is more 凼 difficult 'for possible quenching cross to carry out a' hit the dirt upgrade ', the dye content in the vast majority of eliminate, let the ingredients in it retained F m, can solve after quenching liquid fork in the relatively low refractometer density l application, hardening effect and avoid the battery change characteristics with the new configuration quenching was very quenching whole trough changing with the ripple. The reasonable density of high frequency induction hardening equipment quenching liquid vacuum service life of hydraulic quenching nc machine tool automation zhejiang the relative density of quenching liquid quenching machine tool nc quenching machine tool manufacturers in jiangsu think cooling fluid impact quenching performance index of shanxi horizontal quenching machine tool manufacturer of acrylic emulsion as hardening material application field of anhui - high frequency quenching equipment manufacturer Control of quenching liquid out of the loss of shanxi medium frequency quenching machine tool manufacturers to effectively control the quenching liquid temperature lift melting furnace - The use of hydraulic lifting system
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