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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-29
Inner hole of high frequency induction quenching of gear quenching equipment battery change is related to many factors and is simple and easy the way drive gear after induction hardening of inner hole deformation control measures. Thick wall chooses female water drive gear, reduce the internal thread up big deformation of thick wall transmission gear, spline gear transmission is very thick wall inner hole high frequency quenching heat treatment equipment, internal thread to carry out water cooling, because the internal thread surface in hot state, high compressive strength, can reduce the internal thread up big. Otherwise, the thick wall transmission gear internal threads are showing up. High frequency quenching, reduce internal thread curl fine wool embryo, the high frequency heating pretension quenching, surface heating layer by about 10 mm; Air cooling, the annular heating layer there will be some curl, make the internal thread must advance approach deformation. After production and processing in the inner hole of high-frequency quenching heat treatment equipment, because fine car hole is carried out in advance approach under the standard, so the curl will reduce the internal thread. Its production process line for: forging stock a rough machining manufacturing a high-frequency quenching heating pretension a fine mechanical processing manufacturing high frequency quenching heat treatment quenching ten keyed a fine buffing. Overall heating before heat treatment and the internal thread against the cold and hot processing, reduce the internal thread round in drive gear heat treatment before, in 260 ~ 320 ℃ furnace heating; High frequency heat treatment heating and cold proof between the inner hole cover, when the environment temperature to indoor temperature out cold proof cover, make them screw refrigeration, used to reduce internal thread shrinkage. Deformation decrease because of: because after overall heating, tooth and core temperature decrease, welding stress decreases; Second is the result of the internal thread after cold curl, but also to reduce internal thread deformation. In the high frequency quenching equipment - Save power connecting rod - high frequency quenching equipment High frequency quenching equipment - controlled local heating Cooling affected by those factors - high frequency quenching equipment Working principle of the high frequency quenching equipment products workpiece cooling process of stress field change high frequency quenching equipment selection heng Yang there is nothing wrong with axial high frequency quenching equipment in quenching crack reason and prevention measures of guangdong foshan high frequency quenching equipment gear shaft quenching machine tool
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