Industry experts tell you the correct use of intermediate frequency furnace methods

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-09
Intermediate frequency electric furnace is the heart of the silicon controlled rectifier, it is very important for the correct use of the equipment operation, if often burn silicon furnace lockout, affect the production, will cause alarm. The working current of thyristor from several hundred to several thousand Ann Ann, usually in a couple of kv voltage, good master plate protection and good water conditions is essential. Industry experts to tell you the correct way of using the intermediate frequency furnace SCR overload characteristics: the damage of the thyristor is called the breakdown. Under normal water condition, the current overload capacity can reach more than 110%; No voltage overload ability, that is to say, the silicon in overpressure situation, is damaged, then considering the surge voltage, melting furnace manufacturer in manufacturing equipment, usually 3 - according to the working voltage Four times the value to select silicon components. For example, ark of intermediate frequency furnace rated working voltage is 750 v, choose 2 work only silicon components in series of withstand voltage 1400 v, equivalent to 2800 v voltage value. Silicon controlled properly installed pressure: 150 - 200公斤/平方厘米。 When the equipment factory, is commonly used hydraulic press, installation manual with ordinary wrench with maximum strength also amounted to less than the value, so when people work pressure, unnecessary worry about silicon will be crushed; Pressure is loose, it will burn silicon due to poor heat dissipation. Silicon controlled radiator structure: water-cooled cavity + copper pillars supporting more, if the circulating water is too hard, will be in the intermediate frequency furnace water cavity internal fouling, cause bad heat dissipation; If the water cavity into the debris such as leaves, also can cause water not free. The SCR to factory test temperature is 100 ℃ ( Junction temperature) , in general, intermediate frequency furnace electrical cabinet circulating water temperature below 40 ℃ can ensure that its normal work, hand-held infrared thermometer is very useful, 350 ℃ temperature measuring instrument to hundreds of yuan, not too expensive. Use it to measure temperature and working power supply of thyristor radiator temperature, can be found abnormal points in time, deal with failure. The mesa of intermediate frequency furnace radiator must match the element size mesa, prevent partial pressure, pressure slanting, and damage to the device. Mesa of intermediate frequency furnace radiator must have high level off, smooth finish. When installation components and radiator mesa mesa should maintain clean, clean, no oil dirt, etc. When installation should keep silicon mesa completely parallel, concentric with the radiator mesa, the installation process, pressure on the request by the center line of the element, so that the pressure distribution in the contact area, a user manual installation, it is recommended to use the torque wrench, tighten nut for all alternate uniform pressure, the size of the pressure to achieve specified requirements. When repeated use water-cooled radiator, should pay special attention to check whether the surface bright and clean, smooth, if there is a scale water cavity and congestion, especially pay attention to whether mesa appear subsidence of circumstance, if the case should be replaced. In short, the correct use of thyristor, is the guarantee of intermediate frequency furnace work normally.
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