Industrial intermediate frequency furnace heating method is

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-25
Industrial intermediate frequency furnace running gear, is often a pair or more gear mesh together. Gear must have a certain accuracy, to maintain good contact. But the gear carburizing and carbonitriding after quenching and tempering, unavoidably produce size distortion and shape distortion, will shadow the precision of gear. Carburizing and carbonitriding gear heat treatment distortion of the form. Industrial intermediate frequency furnace heating method is how intensified industry medium frequency melting furnace carburizing and carbon chloride permeability are many factors to the distortion of the gear, mainly has: ( l) Shape, symmetry and cross section uniformity is poor, the wheel stiffness difference; ( 2) Material grain size is not uniform and serious banded structure, hardenability bandwidth; ( 3) Asymmetric gear billet forging streamline, forging hou uneven cooling; ( 4) Preliminary heat treatment in the heating temperature is too high or too low, uneven cooling; ( 5) Large amount of cutting, inappropriate position of hole; ( 6) When the final heat treatment, uneven heating, fixture design is unreasonable, improper coolant and cooling specification selection, uneven quality of infiltration layer. Industry in the production of intermediate frequency furnace from these aspects, and according to the actual production in the distortion law of adjusting gear machining allowance before heat treatment to compensate for the distortion after heat treatment. 50 pieces of gear is commonly used in the production under the condition of determining for cold working and heat treatment, before and after the heat treatment after the geometric parameters of gear measurement, the measurement data for statistical processing, grasp the trend of distortion, and then move the tolerance zone. Industrial intermediate frequency furnace control gear shape distortion and some measures on heat treatment operation, namely: ( 1) Note gear in the carburizing with card method and quenched into the coolant way; ( 2) Using compensation washer, reduce heat treatment distortion of irregularity; ( 3) Using grading quenching martensite; ( 4) The press quenched. Controlled carburizing gear spline precision, can be adopted: set of mandrel quenched; Compensation washer;
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