Induction melting furnace with good performance

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-21
Induction melting furnace for quenching and high temperature tempering heat treatment parts with good mechanical properties. At present, the foreign to tempering of ship plate, is to improve its mechanical properties. High frequency induction heating power supply with common induction heating module, also USES magnetic type heating mode. Alternating current (ac) to flow to the volume on the conductor loop. Induction melting furnace has a good performance of the conductor usually use copper pipe, copper pipe produce magnetic beam. When the metal is placed in the magnetic beam through the metal body, and along the magnetic rotation direction, is familiar with the rotation of the current eddy current is produced. Therefore, induced current can produce heat under the influence of eddy current, called the induction heating. Thus, for a heated objects, such as metal can get no direct contact with the heating effect. Pit will focus on the object near the coil current. Induction heating has the characteristics of strong, weak around the inner surface. Using high frequency induction heating heating can be concentrated to the necessary parts of the heating body, realize the instantaneous heating effect, thus improve the production efficiency and workload. Induction melting furnace can work in a relatively stable temperature automatically, has the good safety performance. Even the operation experience of skilled workers is also easy to be used for daily work, and very safe. In the process of using high frequency induction heating power supply, does not produce any harmful substances. The traditional heating module under the environment of high temperature and high fever on coal stove for heating, not only can lead to poor working environment, will harm the body of skilled workers. High frequency induction heating power supply using eddy current heating way, not release gas pollution. Green environmental protection. Workers can also greatly improve daily work environment. Replace gas or oven preheated with induction heating has many advantages. Therefore, it is necessary to establish lining leakage alarm system. At present, the dc injection leak alarm system is better. Transformer secondary side is not the center of the earth, so the dc to ac power circuit in parallel with induction coil. Furnace molten metal from bottom electrodes, induction coil series parallel dc power and ma table. As a result, liquid metal, the lining, coil and milliammeter connected to dc. Thermal conductivity can be directly, to lower the heat loss and energy loss, improve the efficiency of production, improve product quality. At the same time, can control the quantity of heat, thus reducing the welding temperature, reducing the cooling speed. In addition, it also has to reduce the risk of cold crack and hardening. Using induction heating, no longer need to face the hot flame, so as to improve the working environment, reduce the demand for the cooling system, reduce the fire risk.
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