Induction melting furnace in the process of using play what advantage

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-20
Induction melting furnace of composition: induction power supply, capacitor cabinets, furnace installation, mechanical tilting furnace ( Or hydraulic tilting furnace installation) , water dispenser, crucible mold ( Or graphite crucible, iron crucible) , water-cooled cables, copper platoon cohesion. Induction melting furnace is a kind of smelting equipment, by induction power supply, capacitance ark, furnace, mechanical tilting furnace installation, etc. Play what advantage induction melting furnace in the process of using induction melting furnace manufacturer induction melting furnace in the process of using play what advantage: many enterprises in the process of consumer products have demand for heating equipment, heating equipment in heavy, varieties rich, utilization category is very common. Induction melting furnace is a new style equipment, it is mainly used in the iron ore industry, brought convenience for iron ore consumption. Induction melting furnace has many advantages, absorb the purchase of consumers. A device and the operation very bento, namely is quick to learn; Two, induced magnetic field on the condensation of metal magnetic stirring effect, are conducive to average composition and scum, 24 hours before the discontinuous melting; Four, lunch to change different weight, different materials, different ways of the furnace body, to adapt to all kinds of smelting requests; Vertical furnace, manual melting furnace, electric furnace, and the school laboratory furnace, portable high frequency melting furnace. Five, save electricity saving energy; Power using IGBT power components, imports more and more integrated miniaturization, effective power output reached more than 90%. Six, USES the subminiature induction induction heating power supply, 60% energy saving than the traditional SCR induction! Seven, good diathermancy, heating temperature, an average of eight super small volume, light weight, can move, lack of 1 square meters of nine, according to the introduction of equipment and large amount of smelting, each time for 20 - furnace smelting 30 minutes
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Increasing consumer awareness and rising concern about improving induction heating furnace with automatic feeder are driving the market of products.
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