Induction melting furnace heating process which need to be paid attention to

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-20
In recent years, the development of the medium frequency induction furnace to get remarkable, possessing great superiority, rapidly replaced coal furnace, gas furnace and oil furnace and ordinary resistance furnace, become a new generation of metal heating equipment. Today is about: induction melting furnace heating process need to pay attention to what! Induction melting furnace heating which need to be paid attention to during the process of 1, to avoid heat treatment products, especially copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, lead, contact with electric heating elements, such as whether it is a fine powder, liquid or steam, etc. , to prevent surface erosion in the electric heating body formation 'ma pit', smaller cross section, and finally overheat and burn out. 2, test furnace temperature uniformity, temperature measuring contact should be paid attention to the positioning of the bundle, and the distance from the heating element. Box type resistance furnace furnace (often At least once a month) With brush, broom or compressed air, vacuum cleaners clean furnace and put aside brick, such as to prevent impurities such as furnace oxide skin off on the electric heating element, short-circuit, even burning brick. Floor, crucibles and furnace tank heat resistant steel members each use for a period of time, better lift percussion, eliminate its scale. Impurities such as iron oxide, such as not clear in time, will melt react with fire brick, making furnace melt silk. 3 after heating, vacuum furnace, can't open the oven door for a long time. When the temperature higher than 400 ℃, the rapid cooling is not allowed. For the electric heating element in the case of change of high temperature, cold heat is big, easy to cause oxidation peel. For the heating furnace of molybdenum, EI often pay attention to the use and maintenance shall be cooled to below 200 ℃ can stop shielding gas. 4, which leads to the bar and wire clamp should be good contact, which leads to the bar and clip contact should be smooth. Induction melting furnace there cannot be aglow phenomenon leads to great, when the power supply line clip does not exceed the higher temperature of 60 ℃. Attention because of the heating boiler stop when heat bilges cold shrink and creep elongation, etc. , which leads to the rod wire clip bolt looseness are prone to oxidation, the formation of virtual short circuit, tighten the should be inspected regularly.
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