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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-11-01
What is a spline shaft heat treatment? What's the purpose? Spline shaft is material is 42 crmo steel, machining process for forging stock - Quenched and tempered - Machining - The surface induction hardening - Fine grinding - Inspection - Put in storage. Technical requirements for heat treatment, conditioning 266 ~ 311 HB, acuity 52 HRC and surface hardness of quenching parts The depth of hardening layer 2 ~ 4 mm, flange plate width 12 mm + / - 3 mm; At the top of the shaft body below the root depth of hardening layer 2 ~ 3 mm; The rest part 4 ~ 6 mm. For medium frequency induction hardening on the surface of the automotive half shaft, in order to improve the torsional strength, the technical requirements for its hardening layer must begin from the circular arc of the flange surface, until the top of the spline, usually adopts the magnetizer ring sensors. And the spline shaft and axle shaft structure of hardening layer, has its special: one is the spline shaft axis with non circular arc surface transition flange plate, there is a convex platform; Two spline shaft body shape is irregular, ladder shaped. Therefore, alone in the conventional ring type sensor mounted on magnetizer is difficult to meet the technical requirements. Need to design the double half a circle sensor to accomplish tasks. Process of the spline shaft special structure determines the heating mode can only adopt continuous heating. For transition arc place from the bottom up, using the device can realize the movement of the sensor and the relative position between workpiece, which is realized in the whole heating process between relative motion, to ensure the relative distance between sensors and heating surface basic remains the same, in order to improve the heating effect. Foshan city heng Yang mechanical and electrical equipment co. , LTD. , is the domestic earlier developed in high frequency induction heating equipment manufacturers, gathered a number of specialized is engaged in induction heating equipment engineering specialists, r&d, design, manufacture, sales and service in a body private enterprise. Has a strong r&d team, rich experience, according to the workpiece and process customized automatic induction heating equipment, free of charge to provide customers with personalized technology solutions. And a complete after-sales service system in various areas of the country, enabled us to win the trust of many domestic enterprises, experience for them to provide quality products and services, welcome to visit company. Quenching machine tool axial semi-automatic quenching harry's long axis ( Tube) Kind of intermediate frequency conditioning quenching tempering heat treatment equipment for machine tool spindle quenching equipment axle high frequency induction quenching furnace quenching heat treatment measures axial deformation and cracking in the aftermath of the high frequency quenching equipment in quenching crack reason and prevention measures of guangdong foshan high frequency quenching equipment quenching machine tool gear axle gear shaft heat treatment equipment manufacturers
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