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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-28
Harry's induction heating equipment using electromagnetic induction heating applied in the application of multiple industries. But what is the induction heating? It and other heating methods differ? Induction coil heating metal for those who are not familiar with induction heating, watch in a few seconds, the coil of a piece of metal into a cherry red might be surprising induction heating is a kind of attractive heating method. For those who are not familiar with the electromagnetic induction, watch a metal piece in the coil will become a cherry red in a few seconds. Induction heating is a kind of physical phenomena, including the electromagnetic, heat transfer, metallurgy and circuit analysis of the complex interaction, they are closely related and highly nonlinear, because the physical properties of the material depends on the temperature, magnetic field intensity and microstructure. At the same time, the basic concept behind induction heating are easy to understand. Based on the alternating current (ac) ( AC) Through the induction coil ( For example, solenoid turns more coil) To produce alternating magnetic field, the same as the coil current to make the frequency of oscillation. 60 hz AC will lead to magnetic oscillation 60 times per second, 400 KHZ AC will lead to magnetic oscillation 400000 times per second. The magnetic field changes over time in the induction of eddy current in the conducting object near the induction coil ( Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction) 。 Induced current in the same frequency oscillation; However, it is with the coil current flowing in the opposite direction ( Lenz 'law) 。 In the induction heating of conductive materials ( IH) Exist in the two kinds of heating mechanism. Main mechanism of heat and heat conductor to the intrinsic resistance of induced current ( Joule effect) 。 The joule heat generated is often referred to as I 2 R heating, because the size of the heat produced and the resistance of the material and its internal induction, the proportion of the square of the total current. When heating ferromagnetic materials ( Such as carbon steel) And with the hysteresis ( Magnetization - Demagnetization loop) A second heating mechanism is associated. Due to internal friction between molecules, during the magnetic domain inversion to dissipate heat. Magnetic hysteresis heat generation and the frequency and the area of hysteresis loop is proportional to the, hysteresis loop is the chemical composition, grain size, temperature, magnetic field intensity and frequency of complex function. Compared with other heating methods of inductive heating? There are many ways to heat the metal material, including the use of the gas furnace, fluidized bed furnace, salt bath, infrared heater, etc. These methods provide heat generated in the workpiece surface. Convection and thermal radiation. Because of the heat transfer from the surface, the surface of the workpiece under the regional and core is heated. Induction heating are completely different, because it produces internal heat. The ability of internal heat - Combined with high selective heating and heating capacity - strength Is a very attractive feature of this heating method. IH the inherent characteristics which can realize high yield, high efficiency and repeatable heating. Because the electromagnetic skin effect, about 86% of the inductive power ( Fever) Focused on the conductor surface, usually referred to as the current penetration ( Or reference) Depth. The depth and resistivity is proportional to the square root, and to the square root of the electric frequency is inversely proportional to the relative permeability and artifacts. Compared with high frequency, low frequency to promote deeper heat is generated. Hot steel, for example, the current penetration depth 72 mm changes from 60 hz to 10 KHZ at 5. 6mm。 The current penetration depth is also a function of temperature ( Due to the temperature dependence of the magnetic properties) And when the carbon steel heating to suitable for hot working temperature can be increased by more than 10 times. Heng Yang company by taking advantage of our experience, professional knowledge, computer simulation ability and the practical and theoretical knowledge of industry leading, in the development of induction heating process with the ability to avoid unpleasant surprise. The advantages of induction heating depth of heat and high heat intensity ( If you need) Fast combination on the workpiece's ability to clear area is an attractive feature of the technology, lead to low repeatable quality process cycle time ( High productivity) 。 Highly controlled thermal intensity range from modest rate ( For example, to temper and eliminating stress the application of low to 2 ° C - 3°C / s) To the high intensity ( For example, in the more than 800 ° C/s) in the gear hardening Development and optimization of various heating process. Induction heating energy conservation and environmental protection more than most other heating methods, including gas furnace, salt and lead bath, carburizing or nitriding system. You can easily remove the residual lubricant or other surface contaminants and may produce any smoke. Significantly reduce the heat exposure is another contribute to the induction heater environment friendliness and the factors of human body engineering. The advantage of safety, Neither use combustion or use environmental pollutants) And reduce machine operators combined Labour costs and improve efficiency, make IH attractive investment and get good returns.
continuous casting and rolling are required in the manufacture of almost every product and coreless type induction furnace induction heating furnace is one of the most common machines.
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