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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-22
Induction heating furnace in use process, if you don't pay attention to maintenance, often can produce some unnecessary trouble, the intermediate frequency electric stove simple analysis of several commonly used methods for maintenance of intermediate frequency furnace. 1. Remove power dust contained in the regularly, especially the silicon controlled rectifier tube core is external, want to use alcohol to wipe clean the running frequency conversion device generally has special room, but the actual work environment is not ideal in the forging process of smelting and dust very strong vibration; In medium frequency furnace heating quenching process, often near the pickling phosphating and operation equipment, there are more corrosive gas, these will damage to device components, decreases the insulation strength of the device are too many in the dust, the components surface discharge phenomenon can occur, so must pay attention to often clean work, prevent failure; 2. Regularly check whether pipe joint tie is firm, use tap water Wells as the device of the cooling water, easy to stockpile scale, affect the cooling effect in the plastic conduit ageing cracks, should be timely replacement of intermediate frequency furnace device runtime USES tap water Wells in the summer cooling condensation occur easily should consider using circulating water system, lon serious when should stop running; 3. For device maintenance on a regular basis, to the various parts of the device of the bolt and nut pressure check and tighten loose contact with contactor relays or poor contact, shall be promptly repaired change, don't scrape, prevent accidents cause even more; 4. Check the connection of the load are in good condition and reliable through thermal insulation should be within the circle of stored scale should be clear in time; Heat insulation lining crack, should be timely replacement of intermediate frequency furnace; Melting furnace after change the new lining, should pay attention to check the insulation of variable frequency device load in work site, the fault is higher, but often neglected, therefore, to strengthen the maintenance of the load, to prevent the failure affected variable frequency power supply is an important link to ensure normal operation of the plant; 5. Cooling water quality is poorer a key part of equipment need to replace or clean regularly, for example: cooling control cabinet of water jacket if the scale is large cooling effect is not good, silicon controlled rectifier is easy to damage.
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