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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-20
Induction heating in the application of high frequency quenching equipment has made great large stationary machine tool guideway, our mobile quenching equipment in the practical application has brought a lot of convenience to clients, induction heating power supply is very significant in terms of quench heating brought benefits to the user before heating mode is not only great power consumption, long and severe thermal efficiency is low, the production cost is greatly increased in the process, is not the economy, and the application of induction heating make heating electrical efficiency greatly improved, some of the turbine blade need only within 2 ~ 3 minutes each heating quenching, and the improved heating speed, the earth because of the high frequency induction heating quenching equipment directly ACTS on the metal objects, vortices formed on the surface, so the heat loss is extremely low, is the future trend of industrial product heating. Induction heating power supply of high frequency quenching equipment are widely used in the field of quenching, such as mold material, the guide rail at the time of application without heat treatment process, on the small of quench electromagnetic heating improved, negative factors of coke gas heating, gas heating air will generally take a large amount of heat, leading to severe energy waste, coke smelting, a large amount of soot also took a lot of heat directly results in the decrease of heating efficiency, prompted constantly use fuel to increase the temperature, so that environmental pollution is increasingly serious, and the advantage of the high frequency quenching equipment is improved, in the coal fuel to heat pollution to the environment, save the non-renewable resources. Connecting rod - high frequency quenching equipment High frequency quenching equipment - controlled local heating Cooling affected by those factors - high frequency quenching equipment Working principle of the high frequency quenching equipment products workpiece cooling process of stress field change high frequency quenching equipment selection heng Yang there is nothing wrong with axial high frequency quenching equipment in high frequency quenching crack reason and prevention measures of guangdong gear quenching equipment high frequency quenching equipment has what good induction quenching furnace which guangdong foshan high frequency quenching equipment gear shaft quenching machine tool
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