In the high frequency induction heating machine - - Safety guidelines - operation Foshan constant Yang mechanical and electrical company

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-20
In the high frequency induction heating machine - induction heating equipment - Safety instructions, before starting the first check on water, gas, electricity, after connect the following operations can be made; Operating personnel must make corresponding insulated shoes, gloves, etc. The operator must have the corresponding electrical engineering knowledge. Equipment repair, he has to pull out after the switch to determine the power off, and then to discharge processing, then hang up the maintenance, repair again and again, such as must be charged operation, must be the presence of two or more persons, but must not be allowed to take high pressure operation. Before starting, first determine waterway is normal, equipment parts are allowed to boot normally. Start with a filament, five minutes after second filament, again after five minutes, only can send high pressure. Before send high pressure, determine output to adjust potentiometer in the minimum position, then send to high pressure, and the output voltage, the voltage to work. Determine how the workpiece, can press the heat button, make the equipment work, but will never allow light to heat. The abnormal situation such as work, equipment, must immediately disconnect the power supply, find out the reason, work again. Equipment after the completion of the work, switch off the heating, and then disconnect and high pressure, and then close the filament, disconnect the power supply. Equipment to stop working, have to wait five minutes later, disconnect the water again. Equipment during the work, such as temporary have something must leave, must do it, people away from the machine stop, must not be allowed, no man machine is working.
In the past few decades, steel shell furnace production has increased because of the use of induction heating furnace.
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