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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-20
Heng Yang induction heating equipment of equipment do not do bargain. After all as a has 10 years experience in high frequency induction heating equipment manufacturers, if you can promise said to do equipment of the cabbage price, even as a fool. A is responsible for the customer, but also to maintain his reputation. For example in some time ago, a Mr. Kang from foshan by high frequency induction heating equipment manufacturers in the baidu search to find heng Yang induction equipment company, customer service is coming after Mr. Kang's contact information, then passed on to the business technical worker, he is the old employees, for induction device of all kinds of knowledge are very understanding, when Mr. Kang to receive work, before the high frequency induction heating equipment manufacturers have to find a home, bought a device, but before long, the indisposition equipment, maintenance to waste a lot of production time, and can't satisfy the heating requirements, be sure reply of Mr. Kang, should be a small factory production, and the inside of the components is a very general cargo, long running is sure to go wrong. Mr Yu Shikang can't, have to find a home in high frequency induction heating equipment manufacturers, the heng Yang induction equipment was found, but Mr. Kang clear or heng Yang is not very trust, worry that meet the same problem, our Mr. Kang to constant YangJinXing work invitation to visit, and bring products to our site for Mr. Kang proofing. Mr. Kang came to heng Yang, a few days later to see the scene of the scale, we see the dozen sample, production workshop are interested in, until after the visit, Mr. Kang impression of heng Yang is very good, so bought a high frequency induction equipment. Received after Mr. Kang to do the test and production and processing equipment, equipment performance than Mr. Kang imagine, after all the remaining two orders to heng Yang, until now are cooperation partners, if you also need to find the near high frequency induction heating equipment manufacturers, consider heng Yang induction equipment. - induction heating equipment The whole bridge IGBT inverter power supply road, high frequency induction heating equipment company Induction heating equipment - for your custom requirements Using the place - widely induction heating equipment Heating heating effect is good - induction heating equipment manufacturer Equipment operation is simple
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